Alex Ross’ Rare Signed Moon Knight Artwork Released for Fans at SDCC 2022

CBR can reveal a piece exclusively moon knight creative art Alex Ross Fans can buy it at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) 2022.

This Alex Ross Art The site will launch its SDCC 2022 page on June 16 and will have Moon Knight pieces available for waitlist ordering. “This new illustration of Marvel’s multiple mercenaries, Marc Spector aka Moon Knight, Steven Grant, Jack Lockley and Mr. Knight is part of a series of more minimalist renderings of superheroes by Alex Ross. Alex Ross Art A giclée print of this signature will be released at SDCC 2022 – available at Booth #2415 and,” reads the description of the piece.

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Ross also sells the 2007 cover Black Adam: Dark Ages at SDCC 2022 booth #2415 and on his website.

“Black Adam was both hero and villain in his long existence,” the description reads. “Each piece of Black Adam is hand numbered and signed by Alex Ross.”

Black Adam: Dark Ages From writer Peter Tomasi, pencil maker Doug Mahnke, inkers Christian Alamy and Norm Rapmund, colorist Nathan Eyring and alphabetist Nick J. Napolitano. In the sixth issue, Teth-Adam begins a quest Regained power after being defeated in World War 3 and becoming a mortal. When he finally regains his strength, the titular antihero then battles villain and wizard Felix Faust.

Moon Knight was created by Doug Moench and Don Perlin and debuted in 1975 werewolf at night #32. Marc Spector, a mercenary, was mortally wounded and then exhumed the tomb belonging to the Egyptian god Khonshu. Spector was resurrected as the Holy See’s “Fist of Kongshu” and then embarked on a mission to protect the innocent by any means necessary during the night. Spector/Moon Knight suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), which means multiple personalities live within his body. He mainly switches between three identities: Spector, Steven Grant and Jack Lockley.

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Ross co-created Marvel Universe X Moon Knight version with Doug Braithwaite and Jim Krueger.According to Disney+ lead writer Jeremy Slater moon knight series Universe X The interpretation of the character was the main inspiration for the costumes portrayed by Oscar Isaac“We pitched the idea of ​​’calling’ to Kevin Feige using the Universe X costume as a visual aid,” Slater previously tweeted. “He loves it…but wants us to take it a step further. Kevin’s idea was to combine the look of a modern Moon Knight with a mummy bandage from Universe X. The end result is one of the coolest costumes we’ve seen in the MCU, A wonderful life brought to life by Marvel’s team of artists and designers. It all started with a 20-year-old comic book art pinned to a whiteboard.”

additional moon knight Ross’ work can also be found in Marvel’s Moon Knight Comprehensive roll. 2 cover, published May 11.The summary is as follows: “Collecting moon knight (1980) #21-38, iron Man (1968) #161, Electric Man and Iron Fist (1978) #87, Marvel teamed up (1972) #144, moon knight (1985) #1-6, Marvel’s big fanfare (1982) #30; material from Single Player Avengers (1987) #3, Marvel’s big fanfare (1982) #38-39, marvel superheroes (1990) #1. The end of the beginning! The landmark, critically acclaimed contest between Doug Moench and Bill Sienkiewicz is coming to an end. But the first Moon Knight must survive threats old and new – including the madness of Morpheus, the deadly return of Stained Glass Scarlet, the cunning Black Ghost and a rematch with the Nightwolf! The Moon Knight teamed up with Iron Man, the Voodoo Brothers, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man and more – but when tragedy strikes, and the dead’s deeds and secrets are revealed, will the Moon Knight receive his final rest? Or will he rise again, rejuvenated as Kong Shu’s Fist? “

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