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This read the most Unfortunately, this week’s story is one of layoffs — specifically, Coinbase layoffsThe cryptocurrency exchange announced on Tuesday that it would lay off 18 percent of its workforce, with CEO Brian Armstrong saying the company had “grown too fast” over the past year and a half.

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caesar breakthrough: Ha ha. An employee’s email account was hacked and nearly 70,000 patient records may have been compromised. In a notice sent to affected patients, Kaiser said the “potentially exposed” data included names, dates of service and laboratory test results.

more layoffs: Coinbase isn’t the only company to disclose layoffs this week. Real estate tech companies Redfin and Compass all confirmed Each cuts around 450 jobs, with Canadian fintech Wealthsimple laying off staff nearly 160.

Spotify acquires a voice simulation company: In 2014, Val Kilmer underwent a tracheotomy as part of a treatment for throat cancer. For his role in the recently released Top Gun: Maverick, London-based startup Sonantic was asked to recreate Kilmer’s voice with AI. This week, Spotify announced that it would acquire Sonantic. Why? They don’t get too specific, but it’s not hard to think of ways Spotify could use realistic but simulated sounds — think standalone audiobooks or auto-generated podcast ads.

Elon sues Dogecoin: Dogecoin — a cryptocurrency that started as a joke — soared in value, then imploded, is it Elon’s fault? The class-action lawsuit filed this week in Manhattan alleges Musk “used his status as the world’s richest man to operate and manipulate a Dogecoin pyramid scheme for profit, exposure and entertainment” and seeks $258 billion in damages.

Letter from SpaceX: SpaceX employees released an “open letter” to the company’s internal chat system on Wednesday this week, saying “Elon’s behavior in the public domain is often distracting and embarrassing” and asking SpaceX to “quickly and explicitly self-isolate” from Elon personal brand. ” By Friday morning, at least one employee involved in the letter has been terminatedSpaceX president Gwynne Shotwell called it “excessive activism.”

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This week, Lucas and Anita sat down with the incomparable Aaron Levie (CEO of Box) to discuss his thoughts on web3 — specifically why it doesn’t work.check chain reaction.

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