16 Actors Who Love the Partner Company So Much They Decided To Work With Them

I think we can thank these cameos for the love.


exist Brooklyn 9.9Jack Jealous Puzzle Master is by Melissa Fumero actual husband.


Melissa and David Fumero make soap foreverbefore getting married in 2007.


gob’s wife hindered development Played by Will Arnett’s real-life wife, Amy Poehler.


We never find her real name, but in one scene where Gob tries to remember it, he quotes his then-wife’s name, saying, “If her name was Amy, I’d call her Blamey.”


A few years later, Will returned his favor by making a cameo appearance on Leslie Knope’s ~scary~ blind date. Parks and Recreation.


Will plays an MRI technician a lot of Talk about Leslie’s uterus.


But they’re not the only off-screen couples on the show — Tammy II is played by Nick Offerman’s wife of 17 years, Megan Mulally.


Meghan says she’s excited to play Ron’s chaotic ex because she’ll be jealous if others do.


Nick and Meghan apparently have great chemistry on and off the show as he makes a cameo Will and Grace twice as in two Different characters!


Back in 2001, two years before the pair got married, he made his first appearance as a plumber and developed a crush on both. and Grace on the revival show.


We all know how this partnership ended, but when they were a happy couple, Brad was the guest star friendswhere he played the co-founder of “I Hate Rachel Green’s Club.”


Brad and Jen got married in 2001 when he appeared as Will and it turned out so well that he was nominated for an Emmy in the Outstanding Guest Actor category in a Comedy Series!


Brad isn’t the only husband to make a cameo appearance on the show — Courteney’s other half, David Arquette, appears as Ursula’s stalker.

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The cameo was in 1996. Although the two were not married yet, they worked together at the very beginning. scream Movie.


in the episode where Pam gave birth office, The lactation consultant touching her boobs is her real-life husband.


Writer and director Lee Kirk married Jenna Fischer in 2010.It wasn’t their only collaboration – in 2012, Jenna starred giant robotwhich was written and directed by Lee.


The real estate agent Carol who was dating Michael was Steve Carell’s real wife, Nancy.


The two of them met when Steve was her impromptu teacher in Second City, and she made a brief cameo 40 year old Virgo!


We all know that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher That 70’s show, But she also has cameos Two and a half heroes.


Mila plays Vivian, a traveler who has an immediate attraction to Ashton’s character. In the episode, Vivienne says her parents started with “that ’70s show…Maud,“It’s obviously a callback to their previous roles on screen.


adam brodie pops up single parent As Angie’s father — playing Leighton Meester — son.

Kelsey McNeil/ABC

The ’00s icon married in 2015, and his cameo appearance in season one was so good that he kept coming back and became a recurring character in season two. single parent Was canceled before season 3, but if not, we might have The two have watched a lot together.


exist how I Met Your MotherRobin’s unbearable co-star Sandy Rivers is played by Alison Hannigan’s husband.

CBS/Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images

Alexis Denisoff and Alison have been married since 2003, although their Hime The storylines don’t intersect, and this isn’t the first time they’ve worked together – they both appear in Buffy get rid of Angel!


Remembering Air Marshal Melissa McCarthy’s character trying to Bridesmaids? That was played by her husband, Ben Falcone.

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The two have been married since 2005 and work together all Time, it makes sense – they met while they were in the comedy troupe, grounded.This book is self-directed Tammy, boss, and party lifeand he always made cameos, he even appeared in one episode gilmore girls Before they got married!


Hime It’s obviously a show that supports couples, because Cobie Smulder’s husband return Made a cameo appearance as a colleague of Marshall.


Taran Killam as Gary Blauman, who worked at Goliath National Bank but ended up having an affair with Barney’s brother James.


We all know that Kristen Bell starred in Good place, But you may have missed a brief appearance by her husband Dax Shepard, who only appeared in a single episode.


The two have been together for over a decade, and they’ve also starred in a lot of movies together, so this season’s two cameos feel a little late. He played a Chet, a Bad Place demon who mistook Chidi for a fellow demon, but he didn’t really have an affair with Kristen.


Finally, Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman were married for nearly 15 years when they were Matilda.

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Danny directed the film, and despite Danny and Rhea playing bad parents, there seems to be a real family vibe to the scene. Marla Wilson’s mom fell ill with cancer during filming, and the couple took their on-screen daughter with them, even dedicating the film to her mom, who died in 1996.

Which couples have you noticed cameos? Let us know in the comments!

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