Alabama vs Texas on FOX: The Longhorns have an early chance to show they’re back

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Fox Sports Academy Football Writer

sleep for a while, Texas. You start at 11 am local time – at great noon.

With the announcement AlabamaThe first road game of the season will be against Texas at Forty Acres, the Longhorns’ best chance since 2009 to drop a marker and inform the rest of the game.

Texas is back.

Or at least, if Steve Sarkisian can lead his team to the biggest win for the program since Vince Young ran into the finish zone to bring Austin a 2005 national championship.

While I believe Texas has the ability to catch up, it’s worth mentioning that Sarkissian has advantages that other Texas coaches don’t have: time, talent, and mentoring in Tuscaloosa.

Sarkisian wasn’t just the last offensive coordinator to win a national championship at Alabama. In addition, he added his Longhorn program assistant and the players he helped recruit, who also won national championships with Tide.

These include special teams coach Jeff Banks, offensive coordinator and offensive line coach Kyle Flood, wide receiver Aguier Halltense ending Jarrell Billingsley and offensive lineman Tommy Brown. All are on the Alabama staff or roster.

On top of that, Sarkisian pulled the first player in the transfer portal and the country’s former No. 1 player, Quinn Yolesand former blue chip cornerback Ryan Watts From Ohio State Universityand also Wyoming excellent receiver Isaiah Neyoand added the former Pittsburgh Wide receiver coach Brennan Marion – just after Marion took over Jordan Addison Winning the Biletnikoff Award – It’s easy to see why Longhorns fans are excited about this 2022 team, even though their team won 5-7 last season.

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Playing the game on FOX also gave Sarkisian his first chance to respond to Saban’s comments about how much he misses a time when winning in Tuscaloosa was still tough — like Elle Woods did after entering Harvard Law School.

“One of the things I’d like to see us get back to work is that everything in college football has always been equal,” Saban says On the Paul Finbaum Show. “I don’t think we have that balance right now, and it could affect equality across college football and college sports. I know we have a lot of good people working on it, and I’m sure they’ll come up with a good solution. “

hold up. Wait a moment. Something is wrong.

Saban wants parity? !

It’s like the Empire rolling up the Death Star and saying it’s tired of destroying entire moons.

Like the Targaryens say they are tired of being the only family with dragons.

Like a two-legged guy saying he’s tired of beating a one-legged guy in that game.

Like fee-fi says it’s tired of fo-fum.

For now, Texas has remained quiet, leading Alabama 7-1. But Saban has dominated the sport since his first national championship in Alabama.

He didn’t become the greatest college football coach of all time for standing up for equality. This is a guy who left the NFL in part because he could only choose one first-round pick when he could have had 25 picks in college.

This guy answers Mark Spears’ ride question on “Aren’t you tired?” With “Tired of what?! Win?!”

That’s what Texas wants, and that’s what Texas wants. They want that person and that program because that’s the quickest way to convince the most rabid skeptic that you’re real. Texas is back.

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