Alicia Vikander in Olivier Assayas’ Meta HBO series

You don’t need to see Louis Feuillade’s groundbreaking silent series vampire watch Olivier Assayas‘coming soon high pressure series Irmavipabout a remake by a French director vampire. You probably don’t need to see Olivier Assayas’ 1996 movie Irmavipalso about a remake by a French director vampire.

Or maybe you will?new assayas IrmavipThe director role is now being adapted vampire As a TV series that previously featured it as an art, it’s a satire of the entertainment industry, but it’s really an insider conversation about the evolution of modern storytelling.If you’re just looking at the stars, it’s probably one thing Alicia Vikander – Never been so relaxed or elegantly tight – if you’re as eager as Olivier Assayas to talk about French cinema and Olivier Assayas’ work, it’s something else entirely.


bottom line

Vikander is a treat in a clever (and exhausting) meta-series.

Air Date: Monday, June 6 at 9pm (HBO)

Throw: Alicia Vikander, Vincent Macain, Jenny Balibar, Devin Rose, Lars Ettinger, Vincent Lacoste, Nora Hamzawi, A Delia Arhona, Kelly Brownstein, Tom Sturridge, Byron Powers, Farah Chen, Hippolyte Girardo, Alex Decass, Antoine Wan Leinartz

Creator/Director: Olivier Assayas

this Irmavip One moment is loose, intellectually circular, broad and joking, the next indulges in a sad self-absorption.One might compare it to HBO’s current season Barryjust has more egos, which is definitely not a bad thing – although I’m not sure after the three (out of eight) episodes that premiered this year Cannes If Assayas has a concluding point he wants to make, or if he’s just hanging out again on the perpetually transitional art form.

Vikander plays Hollywood star Mila as she completes a promotional tour for her new superhero movie, end. After several less successful films, end very popular, she rides on the momentum vampireand her agent (Kelly Brownstein’s Zelda) prefers her to sign the upcoming reboot silver surferBut Mila and her new Gilles Deleuze reading assistant Regina (Devon Ross) are intrigued by series writer and director Rene Vidal (Vincent Macaigne).

Mira is also looking for a way to avoid reminding her ex-girlfriend and former assistant Laurie (Adria Arhona) of their new marriage.

1996 in Assayas Irmavip, Rene (Jean-Pierre Léaud) is a new wave burnout lured by the remake of a crime thriller, in part by working with actress Maggie Cheung (as a glorious version of herself) who wears the protagonist’s iconic leotard. Fetish. Here, he is haunted by layers of the past, both the towering legacy of the original and his own remake. Rene’s show is so strictly committed to Ferrard’s original that none of the actors, with their modern psyche, can understand the motivations of any of their characters, much to the director’s dismay.

If that already sounds too meta to you, there’s no harm in sticking to silly farces like Netflix Call my agent! But if you pay attention to the layers, you might even think that the porn-obsessed dynamic between the star and her agent sounds a lot like Assayas Sils Maria’s Cloud, then this is for you. If you’re amused by the idea of ​​a director arguing with the Doctor over whether his eight-episode limited series is TV or a feature film? You are the target group here. Whatever reservations I may have on the sidelines, of course I am.

Assayas has his characters discuss things like the subtext of zombie movies, the new-found importance of intimacy coordinators, the rise of online media, Harvey Weinstein, and more industry hot topics I can’t list here .Plus, at least one good thing Emily in Paris joke. There’s no real sense of depth in either of these, but that’s still possible.

That’s a lot of talk, but for Assayas, it’s never without complementary styles, and in this collection, it’s through footage from the 1916 collection and from what Rene is working on.

Macaigne is one of several Assayas ensemble regulars to appear here – including Jeanne Balibar as the show’s client Zoe and Nora Hamzawi as first assistant director Carla – whose performance best straddles the show’s themes of comic and tragic artistic expression. His confusion and disorientation about the present, and growing disorientation about the past, obviously made it difficult for him to assure himself. Vincent Lacoste also contributed a sense of humour, especially Lars Eidinger, another of Assayas’ favourites, his insecurities and addictions Sex could weaken the series.

It’s all built around Vikander, who plays a character that skillfully taps into the star’s ballet-trained physique. Her scene with Arjona in the premiere has a decidedly erotic undertone, and later episodes hint at a character obsession so central to the 1996 film, but for the most part, the acting is just very light-hearted and open–in no way a parody Movie stars on foreign sets might look forward to it. Then again, the film’s way of making a fortune from Zhang as an outsider on the verge of exhaustion and alienation has so far vanished here.

TV wasn’t kind to Assayas.It helped launch his career, and he was nominated for an Emmy for his often high-profile miniseries Carlos. Maybe that’s why this new Irmavip It doesn’t feel like it’s ready to satirize or exaggerate TV. I’d love to see more, and even more interested in getting the Assayas to return to this story change every few years.If viewers watch this HBO series, maybe in 2030 he’ll do something for the French director’s remake vampire As a series of Quibis.

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