Amber Heard ex-friend says Depp becomes ‘cruel’ after drug, alcohol addiction

  • Amber Heard’s former friend iO Tillett Wright testified in Johnny Depp’s defamation trial on Tuesday,
  • Tillett Wright said Depp became “misogynistic and cruel” when he drank alcohol or took cocaine.
  • He described an incident in which Depp told him that Heard’s only asset was her looks.

One of Amber Heard’s former friends who met Johnny Depp In the couple’s relationship, Depp testified Tuesday that Depp would become “very mean” and “very grumpy” under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Depp takes his ex-wife Heard to court for defamation, claiming she ruined his career and reputation when she suggested she was a victim of domestic violence in a 2018 Washington Post op-ed . Hurd, who is battling the lawsuit and spent days on the witness stand describing multiple incidents, said Depp physically or sexually assaulted her before and during their 15-month marriage.

On Tuesday, Hurd’s former friend, iO Tillett Wright, testified about his experience with the couple. Tillett Wright said he first met Heard in 2011 and became friends with her shortly after. When Tillett Wright moved to Los Angeles in 2013, he said he hit it off with Depp, Heard’s then-boyfriend, and even lived in one of Depp’s homes for nine months.

Tillett Wright, who said he does not use drugs or alcohol, said he witnessed Depp getting drunk and taking drugs including marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy and mushrooms when he met him.

On the other hand, according to Tillet Wright, he heard that she would drink a lot, but he didn’t see her getting drunk often. He remembered her taking ecstasy pills once for her birthday, but otherwise didn’t see her taking drugs.

Alcohol and cocaine bring out a bad side of Depp, Tillett Wright said.

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Amber Heard wipes away tears as he testifies in defamation trial.


“Cocaine and any kind of alcohol bring out a very, very ugly side of him,” Tilletwright said of Depp. “When he takes ecstasy or ecstasy like ecstasy, he gets very misogynistic and cruel and so on, he gets paranoid. When he drinks, he gets paranoid.”

Tillette Wright said he was sometimes called in to help the couple fight, and he remembers Depp pulling him aside one time and saying something really annoying thing About hearing.

“Like…all she has is her looks. She has no talent, and when her breasts start to sag and her face starts to wrinkle, no one is interested in her, so she better come up with Another way to live. Damn like that,” Tillett Wright said.

Tillettwright went on to say that when Mr Depp was drinking or taking drugs, “he would be very mean, very cranky, very paranoid, very paranoid.”

“He would weave these elaborate scenes where Amber was in. having an affair Every man she’s worked with, any woman she’s ever touched,” Tillett Wright said.

Tillett Wright said Depp could be “very degrading” and would joke about Heard’s “look” and “what he thought was her lack of talent”.

Tillettwright said Depp would comment on why Hurd was “actually famous” and that his impression was “simply because of her looks, because he thought everyone wanted to have sex with her.”

It wasn’t just Hurd that caused his wrath in these drunken states.

“He would insult his fans…he would complain about his mother and his sisters and pretty much anyone he felt had crossed him or might have gotten over him.”

Tillettwright also said Depp admitted to experiencing jealousy in past relationships, which led to his alcoholism and “a lot of angry activity”. He said he had faced these issues in previous relationships with Winona Ryder, Kate Moss and Vanessa Paradis.

Tillett Wright says he never met Depp physical abuse Heard, though he said Depp made comments about domestic violence at the couple’s wedding in 2015.

“We’re married and now I can slap her in the face and no one can do anything,” Depp said after the ceremony, Tillett Wright said.

Tillett Wright has said he is no longer friends with Depp following his split with Heard and will continue to be friends with Depp until around the spring of 2021. It was unclear on Tuesday what brought about the end of their friendship.

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