Amber Heard Sister Whitney Henriquez says Depp wants NDA after fight

  • Amber Heard’s sister, Whitney Henriquez, testified that Johnny Depp wanted her to sign the NDA after the fight.
  • Henricks said Depp grabbed Heard by the hair and slapped her repeatedly with his other hand.
  • Henricks said the fight came after Depp appeared to be cheating on Heard.

Johnny Depp repeatedly beat Amber Heard in an altercation shortly after their marriage, and Heard’s sister Whitney Henricks testified in the couple’s defamation trial on Wednesday.

Soon after, Depp tried to cover up the incident by having Henriks sign a nondisclosure agreement, Henriquez told the court during a high-profile libel trial between the two movie stars.

The alleged altercation occurred in March 2015, about a month after Depp and Heard got married. Henricks said she noticed the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor drinking in the kitchen of one of his penthouses.

Depp was distraught, and Henriks testified Wednesday. She claimed Depp was apparently drunk when he was talking to one of his security guards, Travis McGiven, about Heard’s unease about discovering text messages between him and his ex-girlfriend.

“He started saying this woman was pointless, nothing special, she was nothing special,” Henricks said. “But then he immediately turned, ‘Okay, Amber pushed me, Amber asked me to do this, of course I was cheating on her.’ All of a sudden, Amber made him do it.”

Henriquez testified that Depp was heard to appear on the mezzanine above the kitchen and start yelling, claiming Depp started yelling.

“He called her a fucking whore, a fucking bitch, a used up garbage bag,” Henricks testified. “They said horrible things to each other. She said he was old and fat. It was a fight.”

Henriquez rushed up the stairs and tried to calm Heard down, she said, before taking her to her own apartment across the hallway. Henricks testified that Depp caught up with her and hit Henricks in the back. Then Hurd stepped in, she said, yelling “Don’t hit my fucking sister!” and punching Depp in the face, according to Henriquez.

Henriquez claims Depp punched Heard in the face several times before his security guards could intervene.

She testified: “Johnny had grabbed Amber’s hair with one hand and struck her face repeatedly with the other.”

Henriquez told the court that the actor continued to rage when McGiven took Depp.

“I heard Johnny’s voice shouting, ‘I fucking hate you. I hate you both. You fucking bitches, you fucking whores,'” Henricks said. “I heard bumps and pops and smashes and he started screaming like an animal. Then I moved Amber to the next room and left her there all night.”

Henricks said that shortly after that incident, Depp asked her to sign a nondisclosure agreement. She refused.

“It was after this point that Johnny accused me of peddling stories to the media, which were absolutely untrue,” Henricks said.

“On the Line of Fire”

Henriks to testify at trial in Fairfax County, Virginia Depp’s defamation lawsuit against HeardDepp claims that Heard slandered him by describing himself as a victim of domestic violence in a December 2018 Washington Post column. Although Heard did not directly mention Depp in the column, Depp claimed it implied he was abusive.

He also claimed that Hurd was the real abuser in the relationship.

Hurd has denied the allegations and filed a counterclaim, alleging Depp physically abused her several times before and during their marriage, which ended in 2016.

hear Earlier in the trial, she described the alleged fight in her own testimonysaid Henriquez “into the line of fire”.

According to Heard, the fight came after she discovered messages on Depp’s iPad that he had reconnected with one of his ex-girlfriends and visited the day after their wedding. she.hear Seems to believe Depp might push her down the stairsshe recounted in her testimony that it was the first time — after she repeatedly said Depp hit her — that she recalled hitting him, and

McGiven testify earlier in the trial and gives different versions of events. He said the two had an altercation and that Heard threw something at Depp and tried to hit him. McGiven said Heard threw a can of Red Bull at Depp, while Henricks said Depp threw the can at Heard but accidentally bumped into Depp’s personal nurse Debbie Lloyd, who was also present.

Lloyd’s pre-recorded testimony, also shown earlier in the trial, did not mention any alleged fighting.

Johnny Depp Amber hears trial

Actor Johnny Depp confronts ex-wife Amber Heard in Fairfax County Circuit Court in Fairfax, Virginia, U.S., May 18, 2022 Put your hands on your hearts and greet your supporters in the defamation trial.

REUTERS/Kevin Lamarck/Pool

Henricks began testifying Wednesday afternoon after jurors reviewed partially pre-recorded testimony from Hurd’s friend Raquel “Rocky” Pennington and Pennington’s now ex-husband Joshua Drew. All three live in a penthouse owned by Depp in a luxury apartment building in Los Angeles.

Both Pennington and Drew testified that they did not see physical violence between Depp and Heard, but Both say they witnessed an altercation with Depp smashing property during and after the altercation. Pennington also testified that she saw Hurd’s face bruised after a fight with Depp.

According to Henricks, Depp became emotionally unstable under the influence of the substance, which Henricks said once caused him to hanging his dog out of the window and jokes about heating pets in the microwave.

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And, she claims, Depp regularly takes drugs. Henriquez said they often used cocaine, ecstasy, weed and mushrooms together. At one point, she said, Depp ate a sealed bag full of “unknown pills” for fun.

“He just took them all at once, saw what would happen, and laughed,” Henricks said.

Over time, Henriquez said, Depp became more in control. She claimed that Heard had to stop using a passcode on her phone, or use a simple passcode so Depp could check it. Henricks testified that in the early days of his relationship with Hurd, Depp joked about Hurd’s outfits.

Before she knew it, Depp’s stylist was Heard’s, and her clothes had become more conservative, she said.

The same thing happened with Hurd’s medical problems, she said. Depp hired a doctor and nurse to help with the addiction, which Depp testified was only because of the opioid dependence he developed after a leg injury. Henriquez claims that it wasn’t long before Depp’s doctor assigned Hurd a nurse.

“Suddenly, for very unclear reasons, Amber had a nurse give him medication,” Henriquez said Wednesday. “I think it’s weird. I don’t think Amber needs to take the pills every day.”

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