Amber Heard’s acting coach says actress struggles with fake crying

  • Amber Heard’s acting coach said the actress often came to their classes in tears.
  • In pre-recorded testimony, Christina Sexton said Hurd was “hard to cry and acted smart”.
  • Sexton testified that she witnessed Heard and Johnny Depp’s relationship deteriorate.

An acting coach who worked with Amber Heard from 2011 to 2017 said she can tell when the actress is actually crying because Heard often struggles to produce real tears while performing.

In pre-recorded testimony played Wednesday for a Virginia state court, Christina Sexton said she’s used to seeing it in acting class because of a heated argument between Heard and her then-husband Johnny Depp. Hurd wept.

“As [their] The relationship progressed, the fight became more intense, and I had to build in time because she would sob at the start of the session and we couldn’t work until we got her together,” Sexton said in his December 2019 testimony.

Sexton’s testimony was played to the jury this week as part of Depp’s ongoing defamation trial against his ex-wife.At the center of the case is Heard’s 2018 Washington Post op-ed, in which she implied she was a survivor of domestic and sexual violence. The article doesn’t mention Depp.

Depp accused of hearing ruined his reputation and career By suggesting that he abused her. The actor’s lawyer said in his opening remarks that the publication “falsely and unfairly portrays Mr Depp as a villain.” Hurd denied Depp’s defamation allegations and said in a $100 million countersuit that he beat up She married several times before and during their marriage, which ended in divorce in 2016. Depp has denied the claims.

On Wednesday, a Virginia jury heard Sexton describe her professional and personal relationship with Hurd. In addition to serving as Hurd’s acting coach, Sexton said she was friendly with the actress, who invited her on birthday trips and vacations.

At the start of Heard and Depp’s relationship, Sexton said she witnessed the couple’s “incredible love and passion” and were “always together in a positive way”. But over time, Sexton said she began to see them rarely together, and she often heard loud arguments during performances at their home.

“It went from being a normal couple to being really stressful, especially in their last few months together,” Sexton said.

When they started working together professionally, Sexton said Hurd was never late for class at her home studio. But gradually Sexton said she had to start adding “buffer time” to their meetings because Depp and Hurd would have discussions or fights that would bring Hurd to tears.

“I would say last year they were together, and maybe 80 to 90 percent of the lessons started with her crying,” Sexton said.

In her testimony, Sexton said she could tell when Heard’s tears were real because “it’s ironic that she’s a little bit hard to cry when it comes to acting.”

In four days of testimony earlier this month, I heard that I cried a few times in discussion attack She said she suffered under Depp.

Sexton said she cared about Heard and tried to calm her down when she was upset.

“I have a caregiver personality, so I prioritize the people in front of me over work, which is why I end up spending so much extra time,” she said.

The jury also heard from Hurd’s sister Whitney Henriques, who said She witnessed Depp strike multiple times During a quarrel shortly after their marriage.Hurd’s two former friend with her Makeup Master also testified on Wednesday.

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