Are there more BYU supporters interested in NIL block trades?

What if some of the poor in college sports stood up and used all their resources, contacts, alumni, businesses, and supporters to go crazy with NIL deals all over the country and really did something bloody?

Is it possible for them to rise up against the elites? The dozen or so blue bloods that dominate college football?

One expert, Chad Withrow of, Hypothetically lately yes, there may be a liquidationif you will, it’s a rise, and the Tennessee writer puts the soon-to-be Big 12 member BYU at the top of his list.

Withrow makes a list of college programs that might bark on the tails of big dogs like Alabama and Ohio State if they really, really want to tap into resources and connections.

I’m not sure if this is reality, but it’s interesting to read his speculation.

Withrow made the false assumption that a reported $100 billion portfolio of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints could benefit BYU Sports.

These investments are earmarked for different church purposes around the world, including missions, temples, education and humanitarian work, According to recent remarks by Elder David A. BednarTo a group of media in Washington DC

In addition, Withrow asserts that JetBlue and Marriott can elevate the status of BYU athletes beyond the current mainstream of aggressively boosting funding such as Qualtrics, NuSkin, doTerra, IHC, and Built Bar.

JetBlue founder David Nealman reportedly has more ties to the University of Utah, even though his nephew Zach Wilson is a former BYU quarterback for the New York Jets.

here is the list The program Withrow thinks it’s possible to use NIL in a way that few people can, and becomes the dominant program in this new vision:

  1. Vanderbilt, a sport that won national championships in baseball but underperformed elsewhere in the SEC. Vandy does have the largest endowment in the SEC. If Power taps NIL’s resources, it will be a home run.
  2. UNLV is a program that hasn’t had huge success in football since Randall Cunningham or basketball since the days of Jerry Tarkanian, but casino money, big bets, fame and money floating around in that town? If applied, it could break the NIL transaction.
  3. BYU, a program that has won a national soccer championship, will make it to the Big 12. Citing the financial success of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its ties to major corporations like Marriott, JetBlue, and others, the NIL opportunity is a great use for NIL.
  4. Syracuse, a school located in one of the largest marketing markets and population bases in the world. NIL deals could explode with exposure to incentives from wealthy alumni.
  5. Stanford is already one of the most successful sports in the United States, and it is inextricably linked to the high-tech of Silicon Valley. If motivated, these donors could blow up NIL for the Cardinals.

Weislow admits he’s biased, he’s based in Nashville near Vanderbilt, but says if you add it up, it makes sense, and Last week, he told ESPN 960 host Ben Criddle If the right person takes it seriously in the right place, he could see BYU rise to number one.

Here are his insights on the potential of BYU NIL:

“Mormon money is real. According to a 2020 report, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has amassed over $100 billion in assets. Yes. According to their website, BYU is “founded, supported and Guidance”. This has a lot of potential support in the NIL field.

“BYU is not a very successful program. They won the national championship in 1984 and are ready to join the Big 12 in 2023. They know what it takes to win and are willing to invest in it. Nothing will stop them from competing nationally again. champion.

“Mormons make up only 1.4% of the U.S. population but have an extraordinary business mix. JetBlue Airways, Marriott International, insurance companies, ranches, radio stations, shopping malls and Polynesian theme parks are all examples of the church’s reach example.

“That’s where some of you start thinking, ‘How are you going to build a robust program in 2022 that recruits only from 1.4% of the population?’ This can happen because you don’t have to limit recruiting to a single Not every football player at Notre Dame is Catholic. Not every athlete at BYU is Mormon. This is not a Mormon sales pitch. This is my perspective through procedural potential in the NIL world When I do, I think the BYU on my list might be too low.”

An interesting paper.

In fact, BYU’s athletic budget is independent and maintained by donations directly earmarked to the athletic department. It has financial engines such as broadcast rights fees, camps, ticket sales and concessions.

There are plenty of Utah and Utah fans who are members of the LDS faith and would never want their church donations to go to the BYU sports budget.

But, leaving these nuances aside, You can attest to a lot of NIL transactionsSome big-name BYU boosters can be tied to athletics that really leverages endorsements, using athlete names, images, and likenesses, and that can be a coin.

In the NIL circus so far, BYU has struggled to keep things from getting out of hand and has seen those involved with the opposition plan throw some big numbers at the recruits they’re pursuing.

Is BYU ready to dabble in that pool?

This is primarily a question of how eager people outside the project are to invest in NIL deals.

Now, BYU, Utah and Utah have been watching what NIL is doing. For the past year, they have been in reconnaissance mode to see how recruits are reacting and what deals are being offered.

A lot of it looks like pay-to-play, which is banned, but now they’ve seen the situation and can react to the extent possible within the rules.

I think Withrow does have a point that NIL deals related to BYU are likely to have a higher rate of return (ROI) because of marketing, associations, and exposure through faith and other avenues.

An early Built Bar deal is an example The kind of shock people across the country — every football player, including the Pacers, didn’t trade. As we enter a red-hot hiring summer, it’s too early to know what trajectory is being taken. I know there are some people involved with BYU who are doing some research to find out.

They’ve witnessed some crazy NIL pitches winter and spring – and were amazed by the numbers being thrown.

Vandy, BYU, Stanford and UNLV getting some kind of good bark in NIL and hiring?

may happen. But many need an appetite for swimming with the plethora of sharks that have ruled the waters for decades and know how to make friends.

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