Best Easter Egg and Cartoon Reference in Chip ‘N Dale: Rescue Rangers

As the Walt Disney Studios release on Disney+, starring characters from the Disney Afternoon show, and inspired by one of the greatest Disney films (and films in general) of all time, it’s clear that there’s going to be a lot going on along the way. The Disney reference for “Chip n’ Dale: Rescue the Rangers.” In fact, the film opens with a single person. Thanks to Sweet Pete’s lasers, the company’s classic logo featuring Cinderella’s castle has been changed to include fragments of other iconic castles from Disney’s catalog. I spied the Sultan’s palace in Aladdin, Elsa’s ice castle in Frozen, King Triton’s palace in The Little Mermaid, and possibly Sleeping Beauty’s castle.

Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella’s Castle are staples of Disney theme parks. Fans can visit them in real life at Disneyland and Disney World, respectively. But another thing in the Disney facility is the ever-elusive Hidden Mickey. The company hides them in everything from parks to hotels to offices and beyond. In this scene, the rocket that was used to destroy Sweet Pete’s cartoon machine soared into the sky and created a hidden Mickey with fireworks.

Poor flounder. He went deep into the Valley Gang and was eventually pirated. Here, he tries to get debt collectors out of trouble with a “real Dinglehope” that’s “very valuable.” Fun fact: In “Chip n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers”, flounder is voiced by Rachel Bloom.She is probably best known for writing and starring “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” on the CW, but she’s also the spouse of Dan Gregor, one of the film’s writers. She also voices Insurance Sheep, Flower Girl, Black and White Reporter, Lost Boy, Stinson Boy, Chip’s Mom, and Cannonball.

Officers Wynnchel and Duncan must be a long way from the “Sugar Rush” machines at the Litwak Arcade.Mentions doughnut chains Winchell’s and Dunkin Donuts, the two doughnut cops who first appeared in “Sabotage Ralph” and return to the sequel “Ralph broke the Internet.” But in this film, cartoon characters and humans live and work side by side, teaming up with JK Simmons’ Captain Putty and Kiki Layne’s Sergeant Ellie Whitfield in the Los Angeles Police Department.

Earlier, when I mentioned one of the greatest Disney movies of all time (and movies in general), I was talking about Robert Zemeckis “Who framed Roger Rabbit.” The team behind “Chip n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers” took a lot of inspiration from that seminal film, and they managed to get the titular star to make a cameo at the beginning of the film with a pop dance move named after him. However, there is also a reference to Roger’s nemesis, the mad Judge Doom. Later, when Sweet Pete pulled out his torture kit, it contained a bottle of dipping sauce. It has been known to have the ability to completely wipe off toons on the surface of the earth with a bucket, something that is extremely dangerous to all toons, something Christopher Lloyd’s terrifying judge learns himself at the end of that movie arrived.

Thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, many of us are used to waiting for end credits scenes. Fortunately, that conditioning paid off when watching “Chip n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers,” as another Disney Afternoon star appeared in the film. As the Rescue Rangers regained popularity, Darkwing Duck lamented that he wasn’t enjoying the same revival.However, due to the recent “The Duck Story” Reboot, Masked Mallard may see his day in the sun, but thanks to Derivatives in the works. Or a night in the sun? you know what I mean.

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