Black money nonprofit allied with Pelosi gets $3 million from Swiss billionaire push

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Black money nonprofit allied with House speaker Nancy Pelosi Received a multi-million dollar cash infusion from a clandestine money syndicate driven by a Swiss billionaire.

House Majority Forward, a Pelosi-aligned nonprofit, received $3 million in 2020 from the California-based Good Future Fund, its largest donation of the year, tax forms show. Neither group has disclosed its donors.

But as the backers of the “Better Future Fund” remain unclear, the Berger Action Fund, a nonprofit founded by Swiss billionaire Hansjorg Wyss, has filed a tax return on its own. The table reports that it has contributed $25 million to the fund between April 2019 and March 2021.

Black money nonprofit aligned with NANCY PELOSI has been out of compliance in California for months, documents show

Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg and philanthropist Hansjorg Wyss at the Four Seasons restaurant on April 1, 2015 in New York City.

Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg and philanthropist Hansjorg Wyss at the Four Seasons restaurant on April 1, 2015 in New York City.
(Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Oceana)

House Majority Forward is a nonprofit affiliate of the Pelosi-aligned House Majority PAC, which works to retain Democrats in the House.non-profit organization $10 million 2020 into its affiliated PAC, federal filings show.

Wyss-backed ‘Better Future Fund’ also pours huge sums of money Georgia Governor candidate Stacey Abrams at the 2020 nonprofit.Friday, Washington Liberty Lighthouse report The fund paid a $3 million check to Abrams’ “Fair Fighting Action,” which applies to election law.

George Soros puts $1 million behind Stacey Abrams’ second gubernatorial race

The New York Times revealed last year that Weiss had quietly positioned himself as the leading financier of left-wing nonprofits. The Swiss billionaire funnels funds through his nonprofit to other free groups, many of which are engaged in electoral activism, such as fighting for the vote.

At the same time, his citizenship has also come under scrutiny.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Watchdog group American Public Trust (APT) found Some Documents questioning his citizenship, including a 2021 Securities and Exchange Commission filing, in which he said he was a “Swiss citizen.”

APT executive director Caitlin Sutherland told Fox News Digital: “For years, Swiss billionaire Hansjorg Wyss has been intervening by providing hundreds of millions of dollars to liberal and left-wing causes through a network of Arabella advisors. Our political landscape.”

“While publicly touting to the international media his extensive reach in our country, Wyss’s US-based nonprofit refuses to acknowledge what has now been established: Wyss was never and is not a US citizen,” Sutherland said.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi speaks during a news conference on Capitol Hill March 19, 2021.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi speaks during a news conference on Capitol Hill on March 19, 2021.
(via AP Chip Somodevilla/Pool)

“This makes him a clear violation of our laws prohibiting foreign nationals from directly or indirectly influencing our elections,” Sutherland said.

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APT is sue The Federal Election Commission failed to act on complaints that the group had traded with Wyss last year. APT wants the committee to examine whether the foreign billionaire’s donations violated federal law.

In the case of the Better Future Fund, there’s no telling where Wyss’ money will end up going.

The Berger Action Fund told Fox News Digital that the cash is used for the fund to “improve policies around climate change, health care and income inequality” and that the organization “strictly prohibits its grant recipients from using grant funds for elections” activities, including supporting or opposing political candidates or parties.”

In response to APT’s legal action, the fund added: “This is a frivolous lawsuit brought by a partisan black money group opposed to public lands, public health and a strong economy. They falsely attack the charitable and advocacy work of the Berger Action Fund in order to hinder the Make progress on important and universal issues that affect all Americans.”

The House majority frontman did not respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

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