Bold and beautiful: Sheila vows to come back because she’s handcuffed

At Cliff House, Sheila announces that she won’t go to jail for the accident. Steffy yelled that she had shot her with a gun at her. Sheila was talking about what happened to Finn and started saying, “What kind of jury would judge a grieving person…?” Ridge interrupted, in disbelief, “any jury! “They all told Sheila that she belonged in prison, and that’s where she’s going.

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At Brooke’s house, the blonde tells Hope that while Taylor and Steffi may have changed their minds, Richie will never accept Sheila. Brooke wants her to be by his side; he’s going through a lot right now. “I felt bad, I betrayed his trust.” She needed to figure out what got her drunk that night. Hope the question is important. “Is it about drinking, or is it about drinking what caused it?”
Hope Question Brooke B&B

In the cliff house, Sheila accuses the Forrest family of inviting her there and convincing her that she will meet her grandson. She turns on Steffy, furious that she chased her that night. “You’re also guilty!” Richie scolded the brunette, “shut up! He couldn’t bear to hear her again and announced that she should be in an institution somewhere. Steffy reiterated that Sheila would spend the rest of her life in prison.

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At Brooke’s house, she reminded her daughter that what happened to Deacon would not have happened if she hadn’t been drinking that night. She wondered what triggered her. Hope retells the story of her father helping her out of bed, but nothing happens other than the kiss. Brooke’s protest didn’t make her regret it. “There must be an answer! There must be!”
Hopebrook Discussion Bed and Breakfast

In Steffy’s place, Sheila insists that if Finn is standing there now, he’ll ask her to have compassion for her; she’s made a terrible mistake. Steffy countered that Finn was never coming back, and if she wanted to tell herself he would show her kindness, she could, but deep down she knew that was a lie. Sheila wants Taylor to step in, but she asserts, “Don’t think of me as your friend.” Richie is happy that Sheila will spend the rest of her life in prison. Steffy became emotional. That’s why she insists Sheila stay away from her family. She can’t protect Finn, but she can protect his son. Sheila regrets Finn’s death, but she won’t go to jail. “You can bet.” She went straight to the front door, but as she tried to leave, a policeman walked in.
Sheila runs police homestay

Sheila then ran to the kitchen patio door, but another officer walked in, followed by Deputy Chief Baker, exclaiming, “We’ve had enough. You can take that wire off now.” The monitor ripped out of his shirt.
Sheila Arrests Baker B&B

As she struggled, Baker told Sheila that she was under arrest for the attempted murder of Steffy Forrester and the murder of her son, Dr. John Finnigan!

At Brooke’s, Hope wants her mother to stop beating herself, but she understands she wants to know why so so she can make sure it doesn’t happen again. Brooke wants Richie to trust her again. Hope believed Richie knew that if it weren’t for the drinking, nothing would have happened to Deacon…if he didn’t know, he should.

In the cliff house, Sheila wants to have her say before being dragged away by the police. Steffy invited her to participate. Sheila is surprised to find that when she comes back, they are all so sure she hurts on purpose, but she just wants to meet her son, maybe a part of his life. “That’s everything.” But Steffy wouldn’t let that happen, she wouldn’t even let Finn speak for herself. Sheila doesn’t take love for granted like they do, and she thinks this time might be her chance. She burst into tears. “Now he’s gone. I never hurt him, I love him.” Steffy assured her that any toxic idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlove she had was not what Finn wanted. “You’re just an ugly reminder of where he’s from. Something he’s desperately trying to forget.” Steffy assured Sheila that she wasn’t ruining her or her family. She wants to raise her son to be like Finn. He didn’t even know the name Sheila Carter. “You’re going to be wiped out. People like you are not loved, you’re wiped out. Goodbye, Sheila.” She told police to take her away.Sheila was handcuffed outside the door and roared: “You are all wrong! You haven’t seen the last side of me!” She gritted her teeth viciously: “I will return! Steffi cried as Rich and Tyler consoled her.
Taylor, Steffy, Ridge watch Sheila arrest B&B

Later, Taylor assured Stephen that Sheila would not be coming back. She knew that she just didn’t like the way she talked about Hayes and wanting his love. Steffy is grateful to be able to retrieve her memory and get answers. Taylor thinks they have a lot of answers now, including what happened to Brooke. She urged Richie to tell her. Steffy agreed with her mother that she should know. Ridge hugged Steffy and took Taylor’s hand before walking out the door.

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At Brooke’s house, she told Hope she wouldn’t give up on Richie. She was asked if he would be better off with Taylor, but she knew that wasn’t true. “Ritchie and I will find a solution. We have to.”

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In the Cliff House, Steffy recalls Sheila shooting her and Finn and what she did to Brooke. Tyler thinks in her own twisted way, she thinks she’s helping her. Steffy worries that this could change the situation for her parents.

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At Brooke’s house, she was surprised to see Richie coming in through the door. He announced that Steffy’s memory had been restored. Brook hopes that now they can figure out who Finn’s shooter is. Richie replied that they had – Sheila. Brooke was stunned, “Sheila shot Steffi, and then she killed her own son?!?” Richie nodded, explaining that she then took their stuff to make it look like a robbery. She confessed, was taken into police custody, and will be gone forever. Brooke wondered if this was true. Ridge told her that Steffy remembered something else. The reason she went to the restaurant that night was to face Sheila. He recalled that Brooke knew there had to be a trigger for New Year’s Eve. “Yes. Sheila.” Brooke didn’t understand. Richie told her that Sheila had changed the labels on the champagne bottles. She was sure she was drinking the real thing. Brooke exclaimed, “I knew it!” Richie was apologetic and took her in his arms.
Brook Learn the Truth

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