Chicago Fire season 10 finale trailer shows Casey’s return

Jesse Spencer returns as Lieutenant Matthew Casey for Stella Kidd and Kelly Seyfried’s wedding in the new Chicago Fire season 10 trailer.

Casey returns Great Chicago Fire Season 10 finale trailer.Only one episode left this year, the original chicago The series prepares fans for an unforgettable send-off. Firehouse 51 in Great Chicago Fire Season 10, which includes the departure of Lieutenant Matthew Casey.

Jesse Spencer was one of the film’s original cast members Great Chicago Fire, as Lieutenant Casey of Truck Company 81. The character was a star on the show for a full decade, until it was announced that the Australian star was leaving the NBC show.exist Great Chicago Fire, Casey decided to move to Portland, Oregon, so he could care for the sons of his fallen firefighter Andrew Darden, who was struggling with family issues. However, after missing a few episodes, Casey returns to Chicago Just in time for Stella Kidd and Kelly Severide’s delayed wedding.

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this Great Chicago Fire Season 10 finale trailer shared by TV promo Here’s what fans can expect from the highly anticipated episode of “Chicago Magnificent” on YouTube. Its main focus, however, is Spencer’s cameo as Casey. In the clip, Bodden and his other former colleagues at Fire Station 51 welcome him. Later, he also had a heart-to-heart chat with his best friend, Severide, as they prepare for their actual wedding. Watch the clip below:

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Casey returns Great Chicago Fire has been confirmed before. After all, it doesn’t seem right for Kelly and Stella to marry without him back in town.It is known that he left Fire Station 51 at Great Chicago Fire, starting with the search for someone to take his old position. Lieutenant Jason Pelham got the gig after impressing Chief Boden, but when Stella returned from his Girls on Fire tour, Pelham stepped in for her to take over. Since Casey is already in town, perhaps he’s offering Kelly some personal support at this joyous time, and he can also share some leadership tips for Stella, who’s settled down in his old career post.

Exceed Great Chicago Fire It’s uncertain when Casey will return to Firehouse 51 for season 10. Spencer decided to quit the NBC series because he wanted to move back to Australia with his family and spend more time with them. Even though Casey is based in Portland on the show, that makes it harder for him to bring him in as often as fans would like to see.Having said that, in case Spencer wants to revisit his Great Chicago Firewhich means there’s a good chance it won’t be the last time viewers see him.

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Great Chicago Fire Airs on NBC Wednesday.

source: TV promo/YouTube

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