‘Chicago Police Department’ star talks ‘Wolverine’ Upton, Berzek and more

Smart just lost one of its own?drive in Chicago Police Department In the finale (airing May 25), Detective Haley Upton is not doing well (Tracey Spiridaks), where she and Detective Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) comes close to blowing up during the team’s game against Javier Escano (Jose Zuniga).

After joking about ‘farewell’ and ‘really miss’ Spiridakos, Patrick John Fluger (playing Officer Adam Ruzek) and LaRoyce Hawkins (playing Sergeant Kevin Atwater) assured TV Insider that Upton was fine. “Historically, we’ve seen so much abuse of this device, whether it’s explosions, 9mm bullets hitting the gut, car crashes and accidents,” Hawkins said. “And I’m not sure our audience has figured that out, but we’re intelligence officers. We’re worth at least six regular cops alone—”

“Or nine, I’ll give you three,” Flueger corrected. “Also, who cut Tracy Spiridakos from the show? You just don’t. Also, we’re all going to be very sad on set because she brings the light.” Plus, as Hawkins puts it noted, “If anyone has Wolverine-like healing powers, it’s Upton.”

As for what to expect in the finale after that explosive suspense, the stars teased the ban, including one in an amusement park. “Lately, one of the things I like about the ending is that I always have this real drug-taking moment. The last ending, I punched Patty in a very manly way,” Hawkins said, adding Fruger, “It’s true. I remember. My body too.”

Atwater and Ruzek, and Officer Kim Burgess (Marina Squierciati), when it comes to the ongoing case against Escano, with Sergeant Hank Voight (Jason Berg) was most affected by his CI Anna (Carmela Zumbado). “We kind of recognized that it was a different Voight, the way he handled the situation,” Flueger said. “I don’t know we’ve seen him like this because I guess Antonio [Jon Seda]has a drug problem, but it’s really because of Justin [Josh Segarra], because his son was killed. There must be a father-daughter relationship going on here. And in a way, I think they all noticed something different here, something enhanced. “

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The two officers also have to come to terms with where their love lives are. Ruzek and Burgess are never straightforward, and he recently offered her and Makayla his father’s house. “It can always be complicated between the two of them. They’re complicated individuals, so I think they’ll just continue to be complicated factors in each other’s lives. But at the same time, love is complicated,” Flueger shared.

“Ruzek proposed to her, I don’t know, 972 times, so I think it’s written on the wall. I think this guy respects what she’s doing and what she needs to make sure the child has what’s best for the child. A lot of people are giving Burgess goes to hell [recently], however, I think her intentions are completely pure. She didn’t want to be mean to him. She just wanted to make sure the kids had what was best for her,” he continued. “Honestly, he provided the house, and I don’t think it had anything to do with them, but with the kids. She will never have his last name. She will never be his, probably at least for now, but maybe he can give her a part of his life, a part of himself, and this house means a lot to him. “

Meanwhile, Atwater and Celeste (Amanda Payton) fall apart after it comes to light that he’s a cop and has been lying to her. He left her a voicemail a few episodes ago, basically telling her he wasn’t going to keep trying to fix things. Hawkins believes Atwater has ended her life, saying, “I mean, he’s going to try his best. He has to accept and live where we are now, not where we want to be or where we want to be. The place of the past. She obviously has a certain feeling for Atwater and the way he presents himself. So Atwater has to move on.”

As such, Hawkins said, for now, Atwater’s focus is on “protecting and serving at a high level”. “Obviously he’s thinking about being a detective. He’s looking forward to being able to do that eventually. If not becoming a detective soon, he has to serve and protect at a high level, probably in a different way. So we know he’s been Investing in real estate, investing in communities where love can be used naturally. So I think that’s where his head is. In terms of love and romance, I think he’s going to continue to play and figure it out, pick what feels best, pick whatever he wants Think something that adds value to his intent.”

Chicago Police DepartmentSeason 9 Finale, Wednesday, May 25, 10/9c, NBC

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