DC Comics is about to kill Black Adam

black adam about to die.

In 2022, the Shazam villain joins the Justice League, ahead of his dramatic debut, Black Adam to star in his own solo series. Written by Christopher Priest, art by Rafa Sandoval, the title will explore the character’s fading immortality, forcing him to choose a worthy successor.It was revealed DC Comics Call for August 2022, black adam #3 will kill the fan favorite character, even though his offspring Malik will try to bring him back to life.

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Black Adam #3

  • Written by Christopher Priest
  • Artwork by Rafa Sandoval
  • EMANUELA LUPACCHINO Swimsuit Variation Cover
  • $3.99 | 32 pages | Variations $4.99 (card stock)
  • Released 8/16/22
  • Black Adam is dead, and the Mesopotamian gods of Akkad are revelling. Are the gods real, or just a figment of the human imagination? Accepting death but refusing redemption, Black Adam becomes a pseudo-Gilgamesh while traversing the Hell of Akkad, while Malik, his young descendant, takes extreme and immoral measures to try to bring him back to life, all the while thinking of him Whether one should save the life of one of the greatest sins in the world.

The series, set to hit theaters in June 2022, will feature actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s debut for Teth-Adam in black adam. The film was originally scheduled to open in theaters on July 29, but was pushed back to October 21. black adam The solo series will be set in the main DC universe, and DC Comics will also release a series of single shots as prequels to the upcoming film, which Eagleman in a spotlight.

first appeared in Marvel family #1 Back in 1945, in DC Comics, Black Adam has been one of Shazam’s worst enemies. That changed in 2021 when writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist David Marquez added him to the Justice League. Justice League #59.Adam continues to fight with the league until the end of the championship Justice League #75, “The Death of the Justice League.”

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Although he is about to die, Black Adam is the only survivor of Justice League #75 (though the true fate of Black Canary was never shown) and watched as the Untouchables and the Great Darkness wiped out the greatest heroes in the universe. He also suffered injuries and burns by the untouchables in the books before his solo series began to strip him of his immortality. Justice League Chapter 75 The Writer Joshua Williamson hints in exclusive interview Along with CBR, the experience could shape his response to next-gen heroes like DC’s upcoming Superman Jon Kent dark crisis event.

“[Black Adam] Think of them as children,” Williamson said. “He doesn’t believe even experienced members qualify to be considered Justice League. There’s a scene later where he tells them bluntly that they’re lost in the shadows of the Union. He doesn’t believe them. He had no confidence in their abilities, he felt they were incapable of coming forward. “

black adam #3 Features The Death of Black Adam, written by Priest, interior art by Sandoval, main cover art by Irvin Rodriguez, various covers contributed by Emanuela Lupacchino, Rahzzah, and Rafael Sarmento. The issue will be available from DC Comics on August 16th.

source: DC Comics

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