DEE SNIDER of TWISTED SISTER: “I don’t think I’ll be doing any more shows”

twisted sister lead singer Disnyder Says he doesn’t think he’ll be doing any live shows again.

The 67-year-old singer addressed the possibility of returning to the stage in response to questions from fans. Twitter About future shows in the Springfield, Illinois area. Snyder May 17: “Tonight I’m Dee Downer. No, I’m not touring anymore. I don’t even think I’m doing any more shows. I’m focused on writing, directing, and producing. Sorry, man.”

When one fan responded, “You said it before…I don’t believe anything!”, Di Retorted: “Okay twisted sister No reunion yet…” Another fan then wrote: “Still…? “,in Snyder Replying: “I’m not holding my breath. @TwistedSisterNY promises itself that we’re not going to be like any other band, say goodbye and come back. We always thought it was bullshit, cat move…yeah you Know who I’m talking about (every shit artist).”

He later added in another tweet: “Further elaborating…I don’t think any band should retire unless they want to. Stay forever; your fans don’t want you to go. But don’t say goodbye, sell us higher prices for tickets, goodbye shows, and “No more travel” T-shirts… come back in a few years! “

Di Previously talked about the band starting a new tour after retirement, such as MÖTLEY CRÜE and anger at the machinein a 2020 interview ultimate guitarAt the time, he said: “I think it’s nonsense. When you say goodbye… anger at the machine Break up – that’s not retirement. They broke up, they rehabilitated, and that’s fine.But when you go on a farewell tour, you announce this, you sell tickets, you have a t-shirt that says “No more travel” – thank you very much, Oz [Osbourne], I bought one of those – and then you came back, that’s nonsense. So when you say “we’re retiring,” people don’t take it seriously right now. So, you know, it’s like a joke, and I think part of it is that there’s nothing else going on with these artists. I realized – without the game, they have no career. “

March 2020, Di Tell Sirius XMof “Trunk Nation and Eddie Trank” He has ‘no plans’ to perform with him twisted sister later. “I’ve heard people [talk about it]I just shrugged,” he said. “The thought of being a hundred years old on that stage scares me.

“I created a character and a performance level for myself, and I drew myself into a corner,” he continued. “And there’s a standard that people expect, and I expect myself too. Honestly, I’m afraid to hurt myself because my ego is too big to no Toss.

“I don’t have any plans on the horizon,” Di to reiterate. “And the idea of ​​a bunch of clumsy old guys on stage…I’m not impressed with a lot of reunions. I won’t name a name, but a guy who’s already been there performing Way They were reunited for so long that they stood almost motionless in front of the microphone.i was stunned Seeing a band that used to be all over the stage just stood there…for my money, it’s not the memory I want people to have about me, twisted sister.

“So, I don’t have a plan. People say, ‘Never say never.’ But there’s nothing on the horizon.”

In 2016, twisted sister embarked on the final trek, titled “Forty and the fuck”, to celebrate its 40th anniversary.The shows feature the band’s “core lineup” SnyderGuitarist Jay Jay FrenchGuitarist Eddie Ojeda and bassist Mark Mendozawith the drummer Mike Portnoy. The band’s last concert was in November of that year – 20 months after his death twistedthe old drummer AJ Perot.

twisted sisterThe initial run ended in the late 1980s.More than a decade later, the band reunited publicly in November 2001, at new york steelA hard rock charity concert for New York Police and Fire Widow and Child Welfare Fund.

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