Eagles All-22 movie review: Nakobe Dean could prove to be a huge steal

along with 2022 NFL Draft It’s over, it’s time for some movie rooms for this year’s rookie class. In the next few weeks I will try to contact all the players and some UDFAs. There’s obviously a million scouting profiles, so this is just my opinion, but I’ve tried to back up everything I said in the movie clip. I watch a lot of all22 on some rookies, but I can’t share the clips on my own Twitter account (otherwise I risk being blocked), so I sometimes use some other accounts here.back Start with Jordan Davis and Cam Jurgens, we’re turning to fan favorite Nakobe Dean. The next article will be about James Bradbury and then we’ll get back to the rookies!


+ Very competitive physique.Playing hard, leadership qualities evident after reading his story

+His speed means he can avoid engaging very strong offensive linebackers and avoid them

+ Very good reading game, not just a fast guy.

+ Explosive athletes and off-screen speed jumps. Lightning fast. Short area velocity is off the chart.

+ The ability to change direction/redirect is ridiculous. Very smooth, fluid athlete.

+ Very good area coverage, can quickly drop to a position and bounce back to the ball quickly. Provides a lot of potential camouflage coverage due to his speed.

+ Sufficient size and athleticism to screen running backs and can move to the wing

+ Excellent blitzkrieg, knowing when to go and good timing and explosiveness made him a quarterback in no time

+ Should be a 3down linebacker who doesn’t need to leave the field.


– Protected by an elite defensive line including Jordan Davis!

– Is he big enough to hold up in leggings and bring them to the seam?You don’t see many examples in the movie

– Missed some too many regular tackles due to flying in and not wrapping cleanly

– Obviously not the biggest or strongest. Measured as a diminutive linebacker. Won’t beat the striker at the point of attack.

– Occasionally overrun the game when running outside


I started watching Nakobe Dean and thought he was probably overrated by many fans considering where he was drafted. I quickly changed my mind. Not only is this movie great, it’s a perfect fit for the modern NFL. I’m looking forward to seeing a great Blitz because I’ve already seen Georgia when I watch Jordan Davis, but the variety of coverage and the ability to hit will be critical at the next level. The reporting element of his game surprised me a bit.

I have absolutely no doubt that there was a legitimate injury problem that caused him to fall. Given his size, I think there are concerns about his size, steals, and ability to cover tight ends at the seams, which could lead to his loss in the first round, but he’s unlikely to be without injury issues Lost in the second round. I just don’t see it.

It’s been a long time since the Eagles had an athletic linebacker like Nakobe Dean, and I’m excited to see him play this year. Dean and Kyzir White should also be an excellent covering linebacker duo when it comes to obvious passing.

I think Dean should be a full-time starter early in the season (if not Day 1), and if his body can hold up, I think the Eagles have a huge steal on Day 3. Even if injury issues do arise in the long run, it seems worth a third-round pick because Upside is a good linebacker starter for the modern NFL for years.

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