Elizabeth Olsen’s ‘Doctor Strange’ press tour is fascinating

There are many online about Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessespecially regarding how it treats fan favorites Wanda Maximoff character. However, I am not here to discuss this. I’m here to discuss the actress behind everyone’s favorite witch.

There may be controversy about the role, but the internet seems to agree on one thing: Elizabeth OlsenThe press conference for the blockbuster was epic.

If you’ve been online for more than 10 minutes in the past month, then I’m sure you’ve stumbled upon a viral interview with Olsen — and there’s a lot. There was one Twitter feed that dominated the weekend. Last weekend, to be precise.

I’m talking about Olson’s Epic Lie Detector Interview Vanity Fair.

There are a few viral moments in the highlights of this interview, but first I want to talk about the clip in which Olsen apologizes sincerely to Danielle Heim. For background, Heim attended high school with Olson, who has previously stated in interviews that Heim had intimidated her. So, of course, Vanity Fair More questions for Olsen about her, including what Olsen thinks Heim is in Licorice Pizza.

Olsen soon because the lie detector thinks she’s lying about enjoying Heim’s appears in Licorice Pizza. Danielle Heim’s sister in Olsen’s defense Alana Heim It’s the protagonist of the movie, not Danielle. Danielle Haim probably only has a line or two in the whole thing. In other words, she was doomed.

For me though, the best part of the whole exchange was when Olsen was asked if she was a better actress than Danielle Heim, she just laughed for a few seconds and said “yes.” Icon state.

There were a few moments of hilarious laughter in this nearly 17-minute interview, but I couldn’t help laughing when Olsen explained what “L.A. likes” are.grown up olson her famous siblings In the San Fernando Valley, while answering a question about why she stopped hanging out with Chris Evans, she immersed herself in a little speech by a valley girl. (Don’t worry, they’re still friends. Just because they’re not filming The Avengers no longer). As someone who lives in Los Angeles, I love having to explain local behavior.

While I love these clips from the interview, the moment that really cemented Olson’s interview history with the polygraph test was when she discussed being an “aspiring drug addict” and then stared at the camera and said “This is in California. legal”. Bow to the queen of interviews.

This isn’t even Olson’s first viral news tour video. She’s been on fire for weeks.Long before Olson was strapped to a lie detector, she had another viral moment on the Internet: She interview entertainment tonight exist crazy multiverse premiere.

During a brief red carpet stop, an interviewer read Olsen (smart and off social media) a series of fan tweets about her character Wanda. Olsen was having fun and laughing in every new tweet read to her; however, she had a few questions when one of the tweets referred to her character as a “mother.”

“I really like being called someone’s mom. It’s something I don’t know, but I call it that a lot,” Olson told the interviewer healthily. “I don’t know when this started happening. I’d love to have someone teach me the evolution of this phrase.” Same Elizabeth, same one.

(Elizabeth, if you’re reading this, this is basically the term young people use when referring to someone they find attractive.)

But it’s really naive to question and hope there’s a whole lesson in the use and evolution of the word, which is why we all love Elizabeth Olsen. She said what we were thinking and said it with the coolest confidence. Really flattering.

Olson is no stranger to press conferences. I mean, crazy multiverse It’s her sixth major Marvel release, so she’s a pro at this point. (Yes, she is Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but we don’t count that right now, so please calm down. ) But this press tour isn’t the first time she’s dominated the press with delightful moments.

One particular highlight brings us back to 2015, press conference Avengers: Age of Ultron in London.

The entire cast was asked by an audience member, “What were you most excited about before shooting the movie?” Olsen was the first to answer and said wholeheartedly, “I’m most excited to cook and eat.”

The whole room was filled with laughter. However, it wasn’t until a few people behind that Olsen realized that she had misunderstood the question, and thus got a very different answer than the rest of the Avengers. Her answer and subsequent realization are the most smile-inducing things you’ll ever see in your life.

Another iconic moment that stands out in her lovely profile is “Hot People” Interview since she advertised Wanda Vision. As many fans of the interview series know, at the end of each episode, when guests were in pain after eating a few really spicy chicken wings, host Sean Evans rolled out the red carpet for them to promote the Things that happened.

However, as we’ve learned now, Olsen wasn’t promoting a project during this time, her way, but looking at all the different cameras on set and explaining that what happened in her life was her In “New York City and just enjoying being here, not in Los Angeles where I usually live.” It doesn’t get any more glamorous than that.

Olsen didn’t just unleash her charms at Marvel press conferences.

Remember when Aubrey Plaza appeared in Ingrid goes west Premiere in the same outfit as Olsen The ensuing hilarity on the red carpet?

wardrobe twin It’s definitely a pre-planned stunt for the pair, since the movie is about Square’s character obsessed with Olson’s character, but that doesn’t make Olson’s reaction to the antics any less endearing. Also, when Olsen put her scarf on the plaza during an interview at Sundance because she saw her getting cold… syncope.

All that said, it’s a sign that you’re watching all of Elizabeth Olsen’s interviews, as each contains a new level of glamour that we can only hope to pursue. Now, we all have to wait with bated breath for her next press tour, and I, for one, can’t wait to see the new way she’s engaging us all.

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