Every MCU Disney+ series from best to worst

Marvel Cinematic Universe is expanding every dayThe launch of Disney+ has become a game-changing tool for Marvel Studios to tell a completely different type of story.During the first year, five different series were introduced as significant parts MCU puzzle.they have shown No sign of slowing downand moon knight Launched Marvel’s Disney+ offering in 2022.

We’ve gathered over a dozen different writers from TheDirect.com to rank the Marvel Cinematic Universe series. It’s a mixed bag of hardcore MCU fans and fantastic third-party fans. Still, these are professional fans who immerse themselves in the universe you love.


Many of the writers who voted on this list would not agree with that order, as many of you will. Almost every project has a wide range of comments. However, that’s the only consensus among similar comic book movie writers.

Let’s dive into it.

6. What if…?

what if...?
Marvel Studios

With the adventures and streaming wars at Disney+, Marvel Studios is willing to test as much water as possible in its first year.after a smash hit Wanda Vision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Loki, They decide to deviate from the norm and try new things. what if…? It was the first attempt of Marvel Studios animation It’s a journey.


After building the multiverse As a foundational part of the fourth stage, what if…? is a way to attract an audience Take the idea of ​​multiple universes and determine how crazy they are. With a new story every week, it’s hard for fans to see this on the same level as other live-action series in 2021, but the animation style interests most as it’s a beautiful work of color and action.

The storytelling of the series is where people seem to agree it falls apart. It started out as an anthology, leading to a climax at the end of Season 1, which was largely unearned. Combine that with the polarizing use of animation in the live-action world, and it lands at the bottom of the list. what if…? Fans are struggling right now clone wars fan It has been processed for over ten years.

5. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
Marvel Studios

return Captain America The franchise takes place in a series that is more of a comic strip than anything Marvel Studios has produced.The last time fans saw Sam Wilson was End Game Takes the shield from Steve Rogers.if sam will appear in captain america 4 As a solid Captain America, fans will embrace the leap. Instead, they decided to make a 6-episode series to showcase that decision.


it’s a classic Captain America project with More in-depth commentary on social issues Better than any previous MCU project. It was the evil side of the story that propelled it out of many of the top MCU series.There are rumors and reports that The main storyline of the series was cut Complications due to COVID-19 and can be felt.

another negative The Falcon and the Winter Soldier What has nothing to do with the show is how fast it goes after it’s released Wanda Vision. The story is new, unique and interesting Wanda Vision Once, the standard MCU vibe of the Sam and Bucky show may have slowed the momentum of Phase 4 and MCU streaming.

The series isn’t without flaws, but external factors have also dropped it more than it should.


4. Moon Knight

moon knight
Marvel Studios

Disney+’s first origin story for Marvel Studios features Oscar Isaac as a split personality.commonly known Isaac’s performance as steven grant Marc Spector is the highlight of the show, and one of the best features of Disney+ streaming to date. Like many other projects in Phase 4, moon knight Created an elite level player for the MCU.

this The show’s high concept has people on one side or the otherThe idea of ​​dissociative identity disorder presented in this show is well executed and fleshed out. The Egyptian lore behind the rest of the series (including villains, supporting characters, and plot) isn’t quite as developed. The show throws out a lot of fun and interesting stuff in the first few episodes, but only focuses on a few things from season 1.

This is the type of project to build for Rank boost More Moon Knights in the MCU. World-building projects and MCU installments that focus primarily on characters will only get better as returns come and the characters continue to evolve. moon knight is the best streaming candidate for this treatment.


3. Hawkeye


No movie or show puts more emphasis on passing the mantle eagle eye, Not only does this accomplish black widow did By paying tribute to an MCU Hall of Famer while also introducing the next generation of Marvel’s sharpshooters. For many fans, watching Jeremy Renner shine in a personal project for over a decade in the game is a satisfaction.

When it comes down to it, Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop The best of the show. The recipient of The Direct Podcast’s 2021 Rookie of the Year award, Bishop was an instant fan favorite as it was the joy of Marvel’s return. Bringing charm and charisma that is both akin to past MCU legends and unique to her, she is the future. Stanfield has reached a point where some say she has the potential to be the MCU’s next Robert Downey Jr.

Based on one of the most popular comic books of all time, Hawkeye Embrace all the fun and exciting things about this character and intellectual property. Set in New York City for the holidays and longer, the series has an atmosphere that no other MCU project can match. There are a few characters that probably didn’t engage audiences as much as the main characters, so it’s not at the top of this list.But you’ll have a hard time finding a lot of unhappy people Hawkeye.


2. Rocky

Marvel Studios

Known as one of the greatest villains in comic book history, Rocky As soon as it was announced, it went to the top of everyone’s list. To be able to see Tom Hiddleston in the role, making long appearances on his own journey without a trace of Thor, is a dream most MCU fans never knew they wanted.input Explaining the MCU Multiverse And the incredible significance behind it, this became a top show.

Episodes throughout Season 1 have had their ups and downs, but once the show got where it was going, it fascinates everyone. This is a mysterious and eerie time crime drama that has slowly become one of the most terrifying monologues in the league.the way Rocky Being able to slowly build emotions and stakes while maintaining a pin-prick tone is a must-see TV.

1. Wanda Vision

Wanda Vision
Marvel Studios

The first project in the new era of the MCU was an instant hit. week after week, Fans are hooked on the long story Marvel Studios is now available. Wanda Vision is a mysterious character study that no manga movie fan has seen before.


legacy Wanda Vision Will forever be remembered as the long-shot trailblazer that changed the way comics’ stories were told on screen, and arguably the greatest example of Marvel Studios’ massive success. It’s not just a home run, it’s a grand slam.

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