GHOST’s ‘Imperatour’ Nameless Ghoul Identified; ‘Unmasked’ Photos Available

ghostThe Official Tour Photographer has shared “unmasked” photos of all of the band’s Nameless Ghoul and its female keyboardist, The Ghoulettes.

after the final arena date ghostEuropean style “emperor” Wednesday night (May 18) at Papp László Sportaréna in Budapest, Hungary, Zhang Ruianalways with Tobias Forge– Front outfit, uploading the whole stage picture ghost Crew with supportive behaviour (unmasked) Twin Temple and Uncle Sour and Death. He wrote in the accompanying caption: “The tour is over. I love these guys.”

according to greek ghostFacebook page, the nameless ghouls and ghouls in the picture are as follows:

* Chris Catalyst (aka ether)
* Per Erickson (aka fire)
* Cos Sylvain (aka rain)
* Hayden Scott (aka mountain)
* Judy Taylor (aka Swiss/Multi)
* Laura Scarborough (aka Cirrus/High)
* crazy galica (aka Cumulus/Bend)
* Sophie Amelkin (aka Sunshine)

catalyst shared the same photo Twitter and captioned it: “With our wonderful ghost family. I think this is that particular cat in the bag. It’s great to do it again. Playing this wonderful music with these talented people has exhausted my superlatives. “

since ghost Arrived on the scene in 2010 “The Work of the Same Name” Debut, internet pierces identity of musician behind mask as mastermind Tobias Forge Almost every interview in the early years was conducted as “Ghouls Unnamed,” the name adopted by his backing band. While some consider it one of the best-kept secrets in metal and hard rock, forging and ghost He stuck to the script until several of his former bandmates came out in 2017 in a lawsuit accusing the frontman of defrauding them of their fair share of profits from the band’s album releases and world tour.

Earlier this month, forging was asked at an appearance “Drinking With Johnny”Hosted Network TV Shows avenged sevenfold bass player Johnny Christ, how many “stage members” have been in his band over the years.He replied: “How many stage members? I don’t know exactly – maybe 15. Something like that. But on the recordings, I used the same drummer for most of the records – a guy named Ludwig Kenberg. But he’s been knocking on most records — from the first to the third, the fourth, and an EP and stuff in between — but never lived with us. So this relationship is a separate thing and it feels like… whenever we get together to record, it feels like a great… “We’re here again.” It’s One thing, and live bands are always different. “

on how he chooses musicians ghost, Tobias Said: “If we were to switch people now, it would probably be recommended because there must be a group… Originally, I put a band together [which] More based on proximity than competence or professionalism.If you’re not lucky and you end up being a problem, it’s going to end up being a problem hurry — Three best friends make the greatest band together. But it’s not very common…

“Basically, what’s really important to me right now, and I’ve been working on it…and to be clear, I’m obviously looking at the band first, but for me, the staff is very Band to a degree,” he explained. “Overall, I’m very, very picky when it comes to the people and the attitude of the band and the crew, so for the most part we have a very strong, friendly, professional team. I mean, obviously, On a big tour like this, there were 40 people – about 40 people on our bus, maybe more – and then we had two [other] The band with us, of course, at 50 [or] 60 people, and I can’t get everyone in line. But I really, really want people who don’t know bullying and screaming and fucking dick. “

Back in 2017, forging Indicted by four former members ghost After being fired by the group founder in December last year. The lawsuit was filed at the Linköping District Court in Sweden. ghost Originally based on .it claims there is a partnership agreement between forging As well as four former members, all of whom perform anonymously in the band as Nameless Ghoul. He insists that a “legal partnership” never existed between him and the other members, who were paid regular salaries to perform as his backing band and who were essentially live musicians.

forging later told the pulse of the radio The lawsuit just motivated him to work harder ghost success. “I was in a situation that urgently told me to salvage this situation and take back what was mine and prove it was mine in the first place,” he said. “It was just growing pains and it was all just — it was The result of things going well, not the other way around.”

ghost is continuing to tour in support of its fifth album, “Impera”, sold 70,000 equivalent album units in the United States in its first week of release, reaching number two on the Billboard 200. It marked the Swedish band’s third top 10 album and fifth top 40 album.

“Impera” It ranked first in Germany and Sweden, second in the UK, Netherlands, Belgium and Norway, third in Australia, fifth in France and Ireland and 20th in Italy.

“Impera” Issued March 11. 12 songs by Claes Orland and mix Andy Wallace.

forging Committed to follow-up in 2018 “Prequel” and Orend with Swedish co-authors Salem Fakir and Vincent Pontreywhose credits include Madonna and Lady Gaga.

optimal ghost photo: Michael Erickson / M Industrial

Our beloved ghouls and ghouls and Ghost photographers with Ghost and…

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