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Exhibition of the week

Lonnie Holley: The Growth of Communication
The Birmingham, Alabama-born, evocative assemblage artist presents work inspired by a recent visit to the UK, which uses British finds.
Edel Assanti, London, until 2 July.

also show

Taraka's Dance Mask, Sri Kajal Datta Studio, 1994, India, from Feminine Power.
Taraka’s Dance Mask, Sri Kajal Datta Studio, 1994, India, from Feminine Power. Photo: Trustees of the British Museum

female power
From the Hawaiian volcano goddess Pele to the subversive Kali, this exhibition sticks its tongue out to male power by investigating female gods and demons in world cultures.
British Museum, London until 25 September.

Status Needs World Episode
Sue Tomkins, Michael Wilkinson, Eva Rothschild and Jim Lambie have created a group show that resembles a single installation.
Modern College, Glasgow, until 22 June.

Red Road Birdman by Chris Leslie from Counted.
Red Road Birdman by Chris Leslie from Counted.

Photographs taken to commemorate this year’s Scottish census compare contemporary photographs of Scotland by Kieran Dodds, Arpita Shah and others with Victorian photographs by David Hill and Robert Adamson.
National Portrait Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh, until 25 September.

What’s Under: Women, Politics, Textiles
Textiles as Feminist Political Art, with Miriam Schapiro, Permindar Kaur, Francisca Aninat and others.
Women’s Art Collection, Murray Edwards College, Cambridge, through 28 August.

Pictures of the week

    Ayobami Ogungbe Return Point, 2021
Photo: Ayobami Ogungbe

Return Point, 2021, by Ayobami Ogungbe
Lagos-based Ayobami Ogungbe’s photo was shortlisted for the Contemporary African Photography Award, which is awarded annually to five photographers whose work has been produced in Africa or has been in contact with the African diaspora. “The return point,” Ogungbe said, “is based on a historical passage point used for human trade in my hometown of Badagry…I intend to show the initial responses of the humans who were traded during that time.” Check out the gallery of shortlisted works here.

what we learned

Ukrainian museums are collecting symbols of resistance

Keith Kahn-Harris and Rob Stothard have been breaking Jewish stereotypes

A new show looks at the air we breathe

David Best’s huge wooden monument to UK Covid dead to be set alight in Warwickshire

Shanghai photographer Luoyang has been documenting Chinese youth

Henrietta Howard’s Marble Hills villa opens to public

Gilane Tawadros will be one of the few women of colour to lead the Whitechapel Gallery, a major UK arts institution

Glyn Philpot is a portrait master with a secret gay passion

Cornelia Parker Has Amazing Alchemy

‘Lost’ Picasso found in Imelda Marcos home

Masterpiece of the Week

Sofonisba Anguissola, artist sister in nun costume © Southampton Cultural Services
Photo: Southampton City Art Gallery

Artist’s Nun Costume, Sofonisba Anguissola
Renaissance female artist Sofonisba Anguissola depicts her sister Elena’s sweet Mona Lisa half-smiling, covered by a nun’s turban, in an early work in this portrait of a mistress framed. It was as if Elena was trying on the costume and wondering what the celibate religious life it symbolized would look like. Many young unmarried women were left behind in 16th-century Italian monasteries. But the Anguissolas, an aristocratic couple living in Cremona, had other ideas: They had their daughter trained as an artist, something almost unheard of. Sofonisba is the most talented. Her talent was recognized by Michelangelo. She went on to work at the Spanish court and had a long and independent career. Meanwhile, Elena found the habit appropriate and became a nun.
Southampton City Art Gallery

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