‘Harry’s House’ track-by-track review

Harry Styles’ highly anticipated new album is titled Harry’s House finally come. Tracks vary, from intimate observations of life’s emotional moments to downright summer songs we’ll rock all night long. Styles has stated that this album brings to life the concept of home not a physical location but a mental state, and it is with this in mind that we delved into the imagery and production of each song.View our tracking review Harry’s House the following.

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“Music in a sushi restaurant”

Styles opens the album with “Music For A Sushi Restaurant,” a fun song that showcases his playfulness. The playful lyrics combined with some off-the-cuff rambling make for a danceable single that’s a good introduction to the equally upbeat “Late Night Talk.” Like most of Styles’ lyrics on this album, “Music For A Sushi Restaurant” evokes emotion rather than telling a more obvious story, making it easy for fans to bring their experience to the table.

“Late Night Talk”

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If you’ve been waiting for the 2022 summer anthem, “Late Night Talk” is for you. Similar to “As Is”, the song maintains an upbeat beat and could soon take over the airwaves. “Late Night Talk” evokes a heady dance vibe that will keep you dancing in your living room all summer long. The lyrics vividly depict those late-night conversations, lying on the couch until late at night. Neither party wants to hang up and your mind is completely consumed by that person’s thoughts. New love is a unique high, and this song perfectly captures that feeling with the lyrics “Can’t get you off my mind/I won’t even try.”

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“Grape Juice”

Styles experimented with several flavors in this project, especially on the mellow indie track “Grapejuice.” With those old-school synths, layers, and nice falsetto, this is definitely a tune that could be made for a ’90s rom-com.

“because it is”

Harry’s House’s lead single “As It Was” was a well-deserved radio hit. From the unique first note to the final chord, the song works because the sad lyrics and upbeat rhythm are out of place. Like Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks,” you’ll find yourself nodding to the beat before the real meaning emerges. From a production standpoint, it’s the most interesting-sounding track on the album, and sure to be a standout single for Styles.


In this song, Mr. Styles must have a complicated relationship with the time of day. Even though he cursed the daylight between him and his love, the song still evokes a feeling of warm sunshine, golden honey and blooming flowers. We’ll choose to enjoy the song in the back garden of Harry’s House. Lyrics like “If I were a bluebird / I’d fly to you / You were a spoon / Dip you in honey so I could stick to you”, coupled with alternating light and heavy musical elements, who can’t feel it The breath of summer?

“Little Freak”

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Before hearing “Little Freak” and judging by its name alone, one would think it would be the “Kiwi” of this era—a heart-pounding rock tune. However, when the first chord hits, it’s really like “falling”. If “Little Freak” is a feeling, it’s like spending a late night at home alone with a bottle of wine and all the spilled, intrusive thoughts that come to you.

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The musical composition of “Matilda” is very different from the others Harry’s House album. Undressed and emotionally raw, it reminds us that we can heal from the traumas of the past. Whether it’s emotional neglect, abuse by a narcissist, rejection after coming out, or any other form of trauma, “You can let it go/You can throw a party full of people you know/Don’t invite your family, Because they never showed you love.” There is always a saying that blood is thicker than water, but Matilda reminds us that a Chosen Home is everything. Listen to this track whenever you need a reminder that you can heal yourself. Home is a state of mind, not a place. Family members who find someone who truly loves you don’t need an apology.


The track is sandwiched between the crying “Matilda” and the sex “Cinema”. While Styles has always left his music to his own interpretation, there’s a clear nod to the specifics of this tune: “I bring pop to the cinema / When we get close, you pop.” Bass Line Really shines in “Cinema,” adding a fluid and funky vibe that’ll take you right into hip town (explain it as you like.)


Continuing Styles’ upbeat beat and contrasting lyrics are “Daydreaming”. The beat is dance-worthy and makes you want to move, but when you listen to the lyrics, he’s about to leave his lover for an indeterminate amount of time, and they spent their last night together before parting.

“Keep driving”

‘Keep Driving’ Has Some of the Most Vivid Images Harry’s House, again teasing so much in the lyrics, but not making it clear. It sounds like a love affair, full of optimism and compelling but tiny details. It’s reminiscent of ’80s tracks like Tears For Fears’ “Everybody Wants To Rule The World,” which is a delightful early-stage relationship.

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“Satellite” begins a 3 song long downward arc for a relationship. Where “Keep Driving” is still in the prime of a relationship, “Satellite” is Stiles watching his lover from a distance. They are still in each other’s orbit, but the distance has begun. The song feels like standing on a balcony late at night thinking about if and when things will get better. She asked for space, and he agreed, hanging out in her orbit like a satellite, waiting for her to contact him again. It’s a melancholy tale he tells, coupled with upbeat but softer instrumental music that gives the whole song a melancholy quality.

“Boy friend”

The song starts with “You’re Back, Fool” with a shadow on the reverse thin lineThe “Sunflower Roll. 6” opening is the opposite of the “Sunflower”. It’s a beautiful and heartbreaking ballad about all the ways “boyfriends” abuse their partners. The toxic cycle of forgiveness and settling contains this very relatable tune. Stiles noticed this when he performed the song live for the first time at Coachella in 2022: “To boyfriends all over the world, fuck you!”

“love of my life”

“Love of My Life” is a dramatic change in tone and lyrics from the rest of the album. It talks about a love lost due to being in the wrong place at the wrong time and not through anyone’s fault. Melancholy permeates the song from the very beginning, creating an almost ghostly listening atmosphere. It’s a great track to end the album with a bit of bitterness after the sweetness.

Harry’s House Now it’s available wherever you listen to your music.

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