Inveniam Capital Partners and Rialto Markets Announce Partnership to Further Accelerate Adoption of Middle Market Corporate Finance and Private Market Securities Trading

Miami, May 20, 2022–(Business Wire)–Inveniam Capital Partners (Inveniam) and Rialto Markets (Rialto) announced today that Inveniam has made a capital investment in Rialto Markets and will support emerging markets by connecting to its private market data ecosystem. Inveniam via is an operating system for private market data that drives price discovery and automatic waterfall calculations. Rialto Markets’ full-featured Alternative Trading System (ATS) is enabling secondary trading in private securities markets for retail and accredited investors.

Shari Noonan, CEO of Rialto Markets, who is leading the effort, said: “In the past, trading stocks were limited to certain companies that had the ability to list publicly on platforms like the New York Stock Exchange or Nasdaq, but regulated secondary markets Private company stocks open up trading and liquidity, and ultimately price discovery.”

The partnership comes at a pivotal moment for private market firms, as inflows to capital assets grew four times faster than public markets in the more than 10 years leading up to 2019. After a sluggish 2020, U.S. private markets set a new high for fundraising in 2021, and as a result, more companies remained private longer or bypassed going public. In addition, the SEC has proposed several proposals in 2022, including requiring registered private equity advisors to distribute quarterly statements to private equity investors, detailing all fees and expenses for the reporting period. Also in 2021, the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation announced its plans for digital securities management, a platform that, subject to regulatory approval, will “deliver an industry-wide solution for the first time, providing common market infrastructure and standards across private markets. .”

Meanwhile, JPMorgan has launched Project Bloom, a platform designed to match startups with accredited investors. BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, is now advising its clients to consider ditching the traditional 60/40 portfolio in favor of a 50/30/20 portfolio, with 20% going into alternative private market assets.

Inveniam founder and CEO Pat O’Meara commented on the partnership: “In order for private market securities to trade more smoothly, a complete ecosystem must be built. So today’s agreement with Rialto and Inveniam is incredible” Progress towards building a fully functional ecosystem. This is good news for middle-market companies searching for capital and price discovery, reminiscent of the development of the ECN market in the 1990s. “

The integration of Rialto with the Inveniam ecosystem will result in Rialto integrating various components of digital securities data and real-time market data, thereby providing transparency and trust to market participants. In addition, the seamless interconnection of private markets in a user-friendly platform through Ownera’s diverse data streams, as well as the industry’s FinP2P open source routing and settlement protocol, will give GPs direct access to better data systems, secondary markets to Swapping alternative assets and a new form of primary distribution will change the role of fund managers. Ownera interconnects asset sources and financial institutions to trade any digital security from any source and tokenized platform using any underlying technology.

Tokeny is an enterprise-grade infrastructure provider that allows companies and financial participants to issue, transfer, and manage assets on the blockchain in compliance, enabling them to improve asset liquidity and be part of the ecosystem. Tokeny’s participation will not only allow for an auditable form of compliance from securities to investors, but it will also allow for real-time monitoring of underlying assets utilizing

For more background on the protocol and the formation of this private market trading ecosystem, visit Pat O’Meara’s Medium postal.

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About the Rialto Market

Rialto Markets is a trusted “go-to” fully regulated broker, empowering companies to raise capital through our unrivaled expertise in crowdfunding and institutional investing. We operate a fully compliant secondary market trading platform for buying and selling shares of private companies. Rialto Markets is an SEC and FINRA regulated broker-dealer (Rialto Primary) that operates an alternative trading system (Rialto Secondary) for private securities, including securities issued as digital asset securities. For more information, please visit:

About Inveniam

Inveniam is a fintech company headquartered in Miami, Florida, with offices in New York City and Detroit, Michigan. Founded in 2017, Inveniam has established, a powerful technology platform that leverages big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to not only provide assurance of data, but also efficiently use these in a distributed data ecosystem data. Through Inveniam’s platform, users can obtain real-time pricing of private, infrequently traded assets, accelerate due diligence, accurately price assets, and identify buyers for those assets. Inveniam’s platform credential data delivers trust throughout the global financial system. Inveniam holds several patents related to bringing data into smart contracts. For more information, please visit:

About Tokeny Solutions

Tokeny provides enterprise-grade infrastructure that allows companies and financial participants to issue, transfer, and manage assets on the blockchain in compliance, increasing asset liquidity. Tokeny is a Blockchain 50 company recognized by CB Insights. They are backed by Euronext Group, Inveniam, Apex Group and K20 Funds. To date, over $28 billion worth of assets have been tokenized using their solutions. For more information, please visit:

About the owner

Ownera is an institutional-grade digital securities routing and settlement network. Ownera interconnects asset sources and financial institutions to trade any digital security from any source and tokenized platform using any underlying technology. Ownera provides financial institutions with a unified wallet API that allows them to give their clients access to any digital securities. Ownera technology aggregates and normalizes all digital securities from all sources, including on-chain and off-chain data, transaction and regulatory flows. Ownera operates in the private market space, supporting tokenized real estate, funds, bonds, and private company stocks. Ownera unified wallet API supports primary issuance, secondary trading and lending. More details:

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