JONATHAN DAVIS of KORN Reveals His ‘Christian Problem’

Cohen lead singer Jonathan Davis Recently answered some fan-submitted questions from readers in the UK metal hammer Magazine.when a fan asked Jonathan went to church Cohen Guitarist Brian “Head” Welch and bassist Reginald “Fildi” Avizuthey are all devout Christians, Davis Answer: “No. I have been to church and I respect their beliefs.

“The world would be a better place if people stopped fucking stopping where they didn’t belong and respecting people’s beliefs.

“My only problem with Christianity is the fucking ‘holier than you, we’re better than you’ crap,” he continued.

“But those two, especially head, don’t say those things. He just stepped back and accepted everyone for who they are.

“When we released a new record, we did a live stream at church, which was cool,” Davis Add to. “I like real architecture. I decorate my house like a church. I just don’t necessarily like what’s going on in them. [Laughs]”

Less than three years ago, Jonathan Talked to him about his feelings about Christianity carrie mistress About his appearance in the first feature-length documentary Welch. “Love Crazy Loud” Yes WelchThe faith-based story of redemption and Davisdoubt WelchThe spiritual awakening helps provide balance in the film, which was released in May 2018 in Dallas International Film Festival.

in the movie, Davis He was particularly outspoken about his feelings for religion.Although he is glad religion helps Brian Speaking of his problems, the singer criticized what he believed to be the assimilation tactics of Christian recruiters.

“I don’t take that crap, they all fucking know,” Davis said. “Don’t even try to do this to me because I’ll close your ass in two seconds.

“If you look at it, the way they believe and behave is very interesting,” he continued. “It’s ridiculous. I think [Head] Agree with what I said a lot. It’s not mean. It’s true, and it’s true.

“I respect anyone’s beliefs, but when it gets radical, like some of them, I don’t like that. And the whole time it’s happened, I’m just being real, and everyone loves that.

“I have no problem [Head‘s faith]; it’s just religion in general,” Davis Add to. “I have no problem. I’m glad there is something to get him out of his dark holes and dark places. So I totally respect that. If people need it, that’s fine. Just don’t put your point on me. That’s it if only I have a question. Don’t force what you believe on me. I didn’t do this to you. So fuck it back. “

Back in 2018, Welch Tell billboard he likes the fact Jonathan Speak your mind in the movie. “He was just being honest, whether it offended me or the people who made the movie,” he said. “We just wanted him to share how he felt about everything. When he talked about me going back and all these things I said, he was like, ‘Man, that’s not what God told you; that’s yours The mind is telling you.’ I think it’s good because a lot of people think that way and it’s good to have his opinion. You know what? Families can have different beliefs and different things. What would you do? You Leave your family because they believe in something different? No, you stick with it, you stick together, and you get on with your life.

Welch remain Cohen In early 2005, it was announced at the same time that he was free from drugs and alcohol by becoming a born again Christian. He rejoined the band in 2013.

both Welch and Alvizu There have been highly public but isolated experiences of conversion that have been met with a degree of skepticism.

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