Kayvon Thibodeaux inspires Giants’ passing dreams

You are a true Big Blue fan and you have a dream:

Kayvon Thibodeaux blew the tackle and fired the quarterback. Or Kayvon Thibodeaux and Azeez Ojulari get Leonard Williams to fire the quarterback.Or Kayvon Thibodeaux and Azeez Ojulari meet at quarterback like Michael Strahan and Osi Umenyiora really did it that year.

This is What the Kayvon Effect would look like.

It’s a long-suffering Giants fan tired of seeing his quarterback on his back while the other is upright, with enough time to read the “War and Peace” dream in his pocket.

It’s a dream that another quarterback is backing down, or running for his life, or buried under the Big Blue predators that make the Giants defense terrify again.

Of course, it wouldn’t be fair to have high hopes for Thibodeau and the sudden impact he could have with the fifth overall pick in the draft.

But if you can’t let the imagination run wild in May, when can you?

If Williams and O’Julari are already, why can’t you?

Because after three rounds of light training, he is Rave-on Thibodeaux.

“He showed terrific speed, terrific passing IQ and stuff like that,” Williams said. “Meaning…he knows when to speed up around the corner, he knows when he likes to try and beat guys in the paint. From what I’ve seen so far, he seems to be pretty good at reading offensive linebacker setups and stuff like that. Good understanding.”

Kayvon Thibodeaux works out at the Giants minicamp.
Kayvon Thibodeaux works out at the Giants minicamp.
Bill Kostroun/New York Post

After a career-high 11.5 sacks in 2020, Williams slipped to 6.5 sacks last season. If Thibodeau and O’Joe Larry could form the Batman Robin combo, Williams should benefit.

“It would be great for me to play with guys like that, it would get the quarterbacks on the floor and they push them out and vice versa,” Williams said. “We feed on each other.”

Ojulari recorded eight sacks as a rookie last season, and he’s excited about his new bookend.

The New York Post has you covered with all the details on the 2022 NFL schedule:

“He’s definitely explosive,” Ojulari said. “Great athlete, too. Just can’t wait to keep playing with him and get better every day with him.”

Ojulari gained 10 pounds of muscle and is now 255 pounds.

“I think as a rusher, you have to have some kind of power,” Ojulari said. “When you sprint, you can’t always keep the speed, and now these tackles they do well and they are good. They are professional, so you have to change it a little bit.”

Thibodeaux is not a shrinking violet, but his big hype Take a back seat to the task at hand.

Kevan Thibodeau
Kayvon Thibodeaux’s teammates were impressed with his attitude towards minicamp.
Bill Kostroun/New York Post

“Honestly, I thought he was going to be better than he actually was, just because from what you saw on TV and things like his draft day,” Williams said, “I was like, ‘This guy Definitely a character.’ …but seeing him in person, he’s a humble guy, he’s ready to work, he’s one of the first [defensive] guys go there [give offensive linemen] A show look and stuff like that. I’m definitely impressed with these things. ”

Williams, the sixth overall pick in the Jets’ 2015 draft, could serve as a mentor to Thibodeau, the fifth overall pick in the 2022 draft.

“He’s definitely a confident guy — but in a good way,” Williams said. “He’s confident and doesn’t get too cocky or anything like that. He knows he’s a rookie. He knows when it’s time for him to like to do things like his duties as a rookie. He’s a good kid.”

Under Blitz’s happy new defensive coordinator Wink Martindale, the Big Blue’s character is undergoing a transformation.

“He made the offense respond to us, not the other way around,” Williams said.

The Kayvon effect will become even more important in this quarterback-driven league as secondary players continue to change and require an infusion of talent. Lawrence Taylor isn’t going to walk in the door…although he did recently with Super Bowl XXV MVP Otis Anderson.

“He said LT wasn’t a talker, he talked about how his presence showed his leadership,” Williams told the Post, “I felt it right away when he walked in. You hear all the Defending is like, “Oh, that’s LT! ” ”

True Big Blue fans have a dream:

“Oh, that’s KT.”

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