Kourtney Kardashian’s kids beg her and Travis Barker to stop kissing at dinner

Kourtney’s children, 7 and 9, begged her at the dinner table to “no French kisses” just months after Travis was photographed feeling her in front of the whole family.

We all know that Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Buck are no strangers to many Pocket PC.

From the moment they made their relationship public early last year, newlyweds To not shy away from becoming incredibly sensitive.

as well as regularly sharing your own Instagram photos Embrace, kissand sometimes even moreCourtney and Travis also showed off their now-infamous tongue kiss on the red carpet at several iconic events, such as the Oscars, Grammys and meet party.

We’ve only seen more and more of the couple’s PDA since the Kurts’ new reality series, The Kardashianswhich premiered on Hulu last month.

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In fact, Courtney directly defended her and Travis’ PDA in the show’s second episode, insisting that she is grateful for her children – Mason, 12, Penelope, 9, and 7 Ryan. Shared with ex-boyfriend Scott Disick – witnessing this “affectionate relationship” firsthand.

“Kissing and hugging is not a bad thing,” she said in her confession, referring to the backlash that came after Travis posted her video straddle kissing He’s at Disneyland. “I’m really grateful that my kids are able to see a loving, affectionate relationship that they haven’t seen in their entire lives.”

Likewise, Travis dismissed all criticism, calling anyone who called the couple “fucking miserable.”

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But while Courtney and Travis clearly advocate being as openly affectionate as possible, her children seem to have very different opinions, with Penelope and Wren condemning the couple on this week’s episode of the show “French Kiss”. The Kardashians.

In last night’s episode on Hulu, we initially saw Kourtney enjoying a standard game of ping pong with Penelope and Reign at Travis’ home.

But within seconds of the Blink 182 member walking into the room, he and Kourt started making out – seeing a terrified-looking Penelope yelling, “Mom! No kissing!”

Travis sheepishly told Penelope he was “sorry”, while Kurt insisted she only wanted “a bite” from her boyfriend.

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“Where’s the certificate you gave us?” Courtney’s question seemed to refer to some kind of recognition they had received from their daughter. But, apparently without enthusiasm, Penelope replied firmly: “No!”

Moments later, we see the group sitting around a sumptuous dining table, joined by Travis’ ex-wife’s three children: Atiana, 23, Landon, 18, and 16 Aged Alabama. It’s unknown if Courtney’s eldest son Mason – who wasn’t in the scene at all – was present that night.

As the group enjoyed dinner, Kourt confessed her admiration for their mixed-race family. “I’m really close to the Travis kids, and I love them. It’s a beautiful thing,” she said in her confession, before continuing to gush about how awesome Travis’ parents are.

“Travis was an amazing father,” she said. “That’s one of the reasons I fell in love with him. He was very, very patient [and] I think it’s because we both know [so long], it does make our family easier to integrate. “

But after a few minutes of standard dinner talk, things got pretty awkward when Courtney and Travis shamelessly started making out in front of all their kids.

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Well, only a few seconds of kissing passed before Reign – who had a clear view of their PDA – actually told the two to turn their voices down.

“Wow, guys! Can’t you guys kiss in French anymore?” he asked, before begging a second time: “Can you guys stop French kissing?”

Travis laughed to himself, eventually telling Courtney, “No French kissing, baby,” she reluctantly agreed.

After a moment, Langdon left the dining table and walked to his bedroom, followed by Atiana and Alabama, who went outside.

As uncomfortable as the dinner was, it’s certainly not the first time Courtney and Travis have come under fire for being too intimate in a family-friendly setting.

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In the season’s first episode, Penelope directly questioned some of the couple’s PDA as she and Courtney spent time in Travis’ studio.

Once they walked in, Courtney, who managed to avoid any physical contact with Travis, told her daughter: “Look, don’t kiss,” suggesting Penelope may have been uncomfortable with their relationship.

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Penelope later asked, “Travis, why are you always doing this to my mom?” while slapping Courtney on the thigh with both hands.

After telling Penelope he planned to use Courtney as a “drum” one day, the 9-year-old asked, “Are you going to use her ass?” while actually gesturing to her mom .

Travis replied casually, “Actually, that’s the loudest voice I think.”

What’s more, back in November, the duo was photographed very well handy The family, including sisters Kim and Khloé, are enjoying indoor karaoke at her mom Kris Jenner’s birthday party.

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As Kris took center stage with the microphone, Travis’s hand swiped in front of Kourtney—again, in the sight of everyone around them.

once video It started circulating online, and fans were quickly confused by the full-featured PDA, using Instagram and Twitter to condemn the pair. “Why does he feel she’s excited at the house party? It’s embarrassing,” commented one user. “No class and rudeness! What a great role model for your kids!” wrote another.

Just a few weeks later, the couple was pictured giving Travis one in Courtney lap dance At the wedding of their close friends Simon Harker and Phil Ripotra.

in short video Retweeted by Kourt and Travis, the Poosh founder can be seen straddling her then-fiancé as his band’s classic hit “All the Small Things” plays through the speakers, prompting some fans to criticize”tasteless” exhibit.

You can watch the latest issue The Kardashians Hulu or Disney+ now internationally. The next episode will be released on May 25.

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