LAMB OF GOD recruits former MACHINE HEAD guitarist PHIL DEMMEL for Canadian gig

ex nose and current Violence Guitarist Phil Demel filling in Willie Adler in Canada Lamb of Godof “Metal Tour of the Year” and Big MacOriginally scheduled for last fall, these dates kicked off last night (Tuesday, May 17) in Laval, Quebec, after the final performance of the 2022 American Hike. Demel intervened before Adler middle logappeared in January rocking cruise.

Although Lamb of God No official comment yet Adlerabsent from the show, Violence singer Sean Killian revealed in an interview last month Willie Refers to the COVID-19 vaccine, which “has not given up doing vaxx” and is being replaced by Demel Dates for those countries that still require U.S. travelers to provide proof of vaccinations.

last month, Demel also filled in Lamb of Godof John Campbell when a bassist has to miss a few gigs “Metal Tour of the Year” To “bring the housework home”.

Demelappearance and Lamb of God It was his third high-profile temporary gig in four years. Demel intervention killer Guitarist Gary Holt After four European shows in autumn 2018 Gary Back home with his dying father. Demel also substitute Dave Linske exist killConcert at the Wilmont Theater in Montclair, NJ on November 13, 2021 and the band’s Spring 2022 U.S. tour.

In an interview in February 2022 BLABBERMOUTH.NET, Demel Discusses how he became such a sought-after gun for hire. “this killer It happened within 24 hours of my resignation nosehe said. “I think [SLAYER drummer] Paul Bostaffgirlfriend knows nose Done and knew I was home so they reached for an urban legend [laughs], I have three hours to study 19 songs. very successful. A fulfilling trip, one of the more compelling things you can imagine— killer on their final world tour.I fill it out for my friends not point, and also.this kill The show is more about me and Bobby [Ellsworth, vocals] Do BPMD record together [2020’s ‘American Made’]. We were familiar and I got reps who were able to learn songs very quickly.this Metal Loyalty, guys, too. I would play 25 songs with them in one night. It’s one of those quirky things that I can learn songs quickly and can pick them up very quickly. “

Demel Then someone asked him if he was right Lamb of God and kill Showing is on the same level as playing games killer. “I’m right kill song,” he said. “We rehearsed it three times.I didn’t rehearse killer Not at all. I played two songs during the audition. [Laughs] “Okay, we’re fine!” Like, “Fuck!” kill, we rehearsed for a few days. I have two and a half, three weeks to prepare. I feel very strongly about it.

“this Lamb of God The show, that’s a big deal.they approach me before them Big Mac The US tour last summer wanted me to learn these two parts, mark [Morton] and WillieYes, just in case someone gets sick and they don’t want to cancel their trip. This is where I am: when one of them can’t play, I’m their bullpen guy, and I’m ready. Such a high profile band. I don’t want to go out and blow it. I hope the band sounds good. I want to keep my pride in them and not give up. Willie I play differently. Our left hand and pinky have different vibrato. I don’t want one to get off. I hope people don’t get upset that he’s not there.It’s not scum Willie. If I go to see one of my favorite bands, let’s say queen. I want to see [Chris] DegamoI want to see Michael Wilton. No disrespect to the other guys, but if they don’t go there, they better fucking take it. “

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