Lindsay Lohan Returns to Wild Reality Show ‘Lovestruck High’

Adults like to reflect high school experiencewhether they’re the most popular kid at school or depressed with acne.

Thanks to all those movies and TV shows from the iconic ’80s, ’90s and early 2000s that we can’t stop reciting, we tend to think of those four years of raging hormones as the most critical part of our human development — and more so Compared to our twenties and thirties, you tend to make the most impactful mistakes, have more meaningful romantic encounters, and experience changes in mental health.

Our obsession with high school culture is understandable and sometimes weird. It’s great when you don’t have a ton of student debt, aren’t driven by your parents with a driver, and have boy band memorabilia piled high in your bedroom. The way that charisma manifests in the media can sometimes be a little hairy.Certain portrayals of teen sexuality—you know what I’m talking about—may change Enter the realm of the creepy male gaze This often positions minors (usually girls) as miniature adults rather than children.

In general, I found that I had little to dig out of my teenage experience other than that we were both horny and stupid – which is probably why the most popular high school show currently airing, riverdale, must take place episode by episode in different cinematic universes, and its prestige rival Euphoria Not sure what it’s about.

This leads me to my suggestion love high schoolone of the most delightfully frantic reality TV shows in recent years, both piercing and indulging in our bizarre high school fantasies.

The new UK dating series, which airs on Prime Video today, pits a group of 20-somethings looking for their ‘true love’ in an American high school setting – or rather, someone to take to prom at the end of the match, with the possibility of Earn coronation royalties and win $100,000. It’s an ideal setting for a TV genre that primarily documents immaturity and sheer delusion.Again, it has an unmistakably comedic tone and sensibility, backed up by some hilarious narration from the Queen of High School Movies Lindsay Lohanwhose voiceover work is worthy of Emmys and Grammys.

The series can best be described as an updated version of the CW’s reality series Beauty and Geek, It raised the question of the mid-2000s: “What if babes and nerds had something in common?” The show was more of a social experiment with occasional romantic results than a standard dating show. love high school It similarly classifies its actors as high school archetypes—athletes, artists, beauty queens—and forces them to participate in absolutely non-academic “academic” challenges. For example, when students participate in gym class in an episode, the swim coach instructs them to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation (read: five minutes of kissing) each other. Another gym class features a very sexy floor workout.

love high school This is a great option if you’re bored with glossy, expensive aesthetics love island or Love is blind(There are lots of navy blues and cheddar yellows.) The main joy of the show is its drama and how the cast is immersed in this ridiculous world. There’s a group of charming teachers leading group challenges — or “classrooms” — and a terrifying headmistress who steps into every scene. jaw theme. Watching grown-up students eat in a cafeteria surrounded by extras, transported in yellow school buses, with backpacks that may be full of foam peanuts, and nowhere to go, without laughing at the absurdity of the environment, is so heartwarming Creepy, hilarious and impressive. The end result is more than a little dystopia.

When the actors first come together, you get to see how quickly they blend in with their earlier fashions, centerpieces and facial fillers, disrupting the unique archetypes they originally introduced. Notably, there are a handful of queer students — refreshingly in the dating show’s historically heteronormative norms. Their task of finding the date for the prom right away seemed more difficult than their immediate counterparts. It’s a particular kind of anxiety that you can also glean from minorities on the show. But it also makes the competition more intense, dramatic and trivial.

That way, everyone’s efforts to find their “true love” — or at least a buddy to hang out with for the duration of the show — seem very serious. No matter how many followers these adults have on Instagram, or how many people crave them in real life, being surrounded by lockers and bulletin boards creates a palpable sense of anxiety and a desire to be accepted by the entire cast.

No matter how many followers these adults have on Instagram, or how many people crave them in real life, being surrounded by lockers and bulletin boards creates a palpable sense of anxiety and a desire to be accepted by the entire cast.

One of the main challenges of making a reality show today is that there are so many actors who are clearly reality TV obsessed and understand the roles they want to play and how to play them.Despite the artificial setup, the cast love high school Even on their facade, it seems very real. For example, one of the first students we met was a guy named Huss – I can only assume the name is short for Hussein or Hasan, but it sounds very bro in that short form. When he tries to compliment the respective eye colors of the two schoolgirls – and mistakenly identifies one – we understand that he is a playboy, albeit a very clumsy one. You could tell he didn’t know he was the show’s antagonist until he was targeted by several women in his shady ways. By then, it’s too late.

Junaid, on the other hand, may be the most provocative and outgoing person on the show, but he didn’t know he’d be cast as a villain just because he was loved by his peers. His social image totally shatters when he tries to make enemies out of a popular blonde named Meghan because he probably thinks she’s being edited by a mean girl. (In the few episodes I’ve watched, she doesn’t). Overall, the differences between these students’ self-perceptions, how they were treated among their peers, and how they performed on screen were interesting.

love high school Without Lohan’s real voice, it would ultimately be impossible to have his comic voice. The signature husky voice doesn’t always age well, but the actress — who’s always fashionably photographed with a cigarette — somehow brings you back to her 2000s with her subtle yet effective expression. Work in the early and mid 1990s.

In any given scene, a sincere and romantic moment between the two students is undercut by Lohan’s sarcasm in voiceover. But the show still maintains the sweetness of all her ironic one-line poems.Again, I boldly predict love high school For her, it would be a better comeback than her Christmas rom-com starring on Netflix later this year, which will almost certainly be written by an algorithm that won’t be remembered a week from now.

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