Lisa Frank copyright removal issue continues

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Last week, illustrator and cartoonist Geneva Bowers took to Twitter to express concern about recent nike and Lisa FrankWhile Nike is certainly worth discussing, I want to focus on the Lisa Frank element as the shoe company might try to stretch the reasoning as to why the clothing logo looks like theirs. However, Lisa Frank doesn’t seem to have any evidence to support their claims, as they don’t possess rainbow colors.

Additionally, Bowles tweeted that the companies could attract more black artists like her instead of trying to claim her work infringed copyright. She continued, “[I] File an appeal as usual. Things like this happen a few times a year, but these in particular piss me off lol. When these events occur, the artist as a whole should probably be more vocal. “

Looking at how automatic detection of copyright infringement works (and doesn’t work) in social media and online storefronts, I’m sure some of the copyright flags that artists experience are automatic and driven by the whims of computers, not by individuals or Companies choose to target them. (Some complaints aren’t even handled by real people.) However, if these tags are frequent and have multiple images from months ago, it’s likely that a single person manually tagged the artwork. Fearing major consequences like follower backlash or account deletion, artists often keep the problem to themselves.

Others follow Bowers’ lead

A few other artists followed Bowers’ call to action, talking about the time the company was pulling their work — Lisa Frank in particular.

someone shared this Ursula Goff She shared a screenshot of Lisa Frank, Inc. in a tweet. artwork, neon drops, a high-resolution photo of her rainbow raindrops on a reflective surface. While the situation is resolved and Grove can sell again, she may lose her sale or her active position in Redbubble as a result of the dispute, and others in similar situations may not get a favorable resolution.

Lisa Frank in the 2010s and 2020

In addition to ongoing 2D art removals, designers and artists Amina Mucciolo accused the company of theft her interior design And have her deported back in 2019. She gained a huge following on Instagram and an interior design business as she became a big hit online for her unique style and bubblegum aesthetic. If no one else, Lisa Frank’s marketing team knew about her account because they commented on her posts, retweeted her posts, and messaged her (across different platforms) at least a year before the events she described happened. ). In 2019, Mucciolo was invited to visit the, Barsala and Lisa Frank pop-ups for the first time, which sold out in October.

That August, Mucciolo and her partner tried to pay late fees. The property said it was not acceptable and her family needed to move. Insider comfirmed The location of the pop-up is an apartment complex across the street, owned by the same management company (Cannon Management). Lisa Frank remained silent on the matter until July 2020, when she addressed the issue in a now-deleted post. When they took part in Tuesday’s blackout, Mucciolo again accused them of blackmailing black artists.this daily point and beautiful house The company called her “an opportunist,” the report said, and said they “have a responsibility to address these lies by giving our fans one time to speak out for these lies.” Again, Lisa Frank later deleted post.

I bring up Mucciolo’s story with Bowers and others, not only to show how people can ask questions of Lisa Frank, but to show that this seems like a stark contrast to their childish aesthetic. We understand Disney and today’s powerful brands, but not a company like Lisa Frank.Even if they pursue an artist, their workspace is described by their employees (in a 2013 interview Jezebel) as “Rainbow Gulag”, Controversies seem to easily erase their paint.

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