‘Live’ Bill Maher claims LGBTQ rise may be due to need to be trendy

Bill Maher Touched one of society’s third tracks on him tonight high pressure show real-time, The rise of the LGBTQ community was shown in the “New Rules” editorial at the end of the show.

Noting that polls have recorded an exponential increase in people claiming LGBTQ status, he asked if people should be allowed to ask, “What’s going on here?”

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It wasn’t that long ago when adults asked what children wanted to be when they grew up. “What occupation do they mean,” joked Maher.

He cited the findings of a recent ACLU survey claiming that the controversy over abortion rights affects LGBTQ people more than so-called “breeders.” While allowing everyone to be respectful and protective of others at all times, he said, “Someone needs to speak up — it’s not all about you. It’s okay to ask very new questions,” and turned to putting young children on hormone blockers the trend of.

“We’re actually experimenting with children,” Maher claims, adding that we don’t know the long-term effects, “but logic tells you there’s going to be a problem,” citing issues like bone density and fertility. “It’s not about lifestyle. decision,” he added.

Maher said the upcoming Pride parade in New York will have no gay men as grand marshals. “That’s where we’re at right now — gay men aren’t hip enough to go to a gay pride parade.” He added, “Gays are actually CIS, and CIS is actually Mormons.”

He’s trying to prove that polls show the rise of the LGBTQ community is a fad, saying “teenagers know that ‘top command’ is anything that can shock and challenge the square that nurtures you. That’s why no one wears a nose ring at 56.” .”

He claimed that giving in to demands for hormone blockers and genital surgery was using children as part of a culture war, and called for a wait. “If you’re a man who wants to experience life without two balls, you can get married,” he noted.

“Never forget that children are impressionable and very, very stupid,” Maher said. “A boy who thinks he’s a girl might just be gay — or whatever “Frazer” is, noting that being a girl doesn’t mean you have to act like a Kardashian. Maybe, if life makes you sad, “There are other solutions besides sawing my dick to me. “

“I know transgender is different, it’s innate,” Maher said. “But kids do have stages. Kids are flexible about everything. If they knew what they wanted to be at age 8, the world would be full of cowboys and princesses.” He recalled: “I wanted to be A pirate. Thank god no one had arranged for me to have my eyeball removed and my leg nailed.”

Earlier, Maher had a somewhat chilling discussion with former Defense Secretary Mark Esper, who has a new book, The Sacred Oath: A Memoir of a Secretary of Defense in Unusual Times.

Esper, who was eventually fired by Trump, had to convince the former president not to order the military to fire on protesters outside the White House.

Asked by Maher whether Trump would run for president and lose — and then run again — where the military would stand, Esper said the majority would stand with the American people against any coup attempt.

Mach did mock Esper’s claim that the $800 billion U.S. defense budget was insufficient, as he claims in the book, when he was persistent when it came to whether there was a compromise on the job.

But a key question — who Esper will vote for in the 2024 presidential race against Trump and “any Democrat” — also puts Esper in a bind. He acknowledged he wouldn’t vote for Trump, but added, “If Joe Biden continues to be pulled to the left, I can’t vote for him either.”

The panel discussion featured former Democratic operative Donna Basile and podcaster Adam Corolla. There’s an interesting moment in Brazil where the government’s claim that the most important threat facing the country is white supremacy is what Corolla said was “full of shit”

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