Machine Gun Kelly thinks Megan Fox is dumping him. So he turned the wild Stoner comedy into “Mourning.”

The aughts of the ’90s and early gave us plenty of now-classic stoner comedies like half baked, Friday, Pineapple Express, Dude, where’s my car?and dazed and confusedThe genre has cooled a bit in recent years—perhaps because marijuana has become less taboo—but the satisfaction of lighting up a screen and watching people try to navigate the world while they’re excited can never be less fun. Enter: machine gun kelly Co-written, co-directed and co-starred with Mod Sun Good morninga new comedy for the TikTok generation.

“If you’re lucky, you get a classic Stoner comedy every five years. That’s the journey we started,” Mod Sun told The Daily Beast about their raucous and absurd film, which will be released on 5 It opens in theaters and on-demand on May 20.

MGK stars as London Clash, a fictional TV star who wakes up on the day of a big audition to a speculative breakup text message from his famous actress girlfriend (played by Becky G): “So sorry. I wish I didn’t have to do it with words.” A group of drug-addicted crooks ensued, including but not limited to: a house fire, stitches from a stalker, marijuana ashes instead of human ashes, a YG home parties, arrests, and cameos by Danny Trejo and others, amber roseand Tommy Lee.

Below, Mod Sun breaks down some of the film’s wildest and weirdest moments, teases another twisted ending, and explains how Megan Fox inspired it all.

The film was inspired by real words Megan Fox once sent to MGK.

Soon after MGK and Fox started dating in 2020, she flew to a remote location in Europe to shoot the movie. Due to limited cell service, she sent her new boyfriend a text message that “he interpreted as a breakup text,” according to Maud.

“He started spiraling and he hit me and he was like, ‘Yo, I just need to keep my attention, I don’t know what’s going on, I don’t know if we’re breaking up or we’re finishing. Let’s write a story about It’s the movie,'” Maud recalled. “And me, I just became a really good friend, so I thought, ‘Yeah, man, let you never mind this anyway.'”

For the next month, the pair worked on the script “every day, from the sun up until the sun set,” eventually working on production despite their busy schedules.

“Once it started to show that we were going to be able to do that, we were all very busy,” Mod explained. “The world is about to start reopening and we’re all about to go on tour and make these new albums of ours, and I think we just have a moment to think about our future selves and be like, man, if we say no to this, or let’s say Do it again next year, it may never happen, and our future selves will be mad at us.”

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Can Machine Gun Kelly Really Play Batman?

In the film, London must decide between pursuing love or taking on the next life-changing role Batman MOVIES – According to his always-backed BFF Mod, the rapper-turned-rock star could actually make Robert Pattinson run for his money.

“Ask me this question two years ago and I’d say, heck, no, what are you talking about? But honestly, what surprised me the most about this movie is that Kells is actually a well-rounded actor,” Maude said. . “And I think that’s what it takes to play an iconic character, someone who can master it and cover the emotional spectrum.”

While MGK certainly won’t be competing with the Oscars anytime soon Good morning (Razzie maybe?), Mod is right because he does have some pretty good screen presence and comedic timing.

“People don’t know Machine Gun Kelly! They only know this serious guy. He’s one of the dumbest people I’ve ever met, and it’s great for the world to see that.”

Megan Fox didn’t play MGK’s girlfriend in the movie because they wanted her to be “one of the boys.”

considering The real romance of MGK and Fox– you know, involving suck blood And tongue-touching and thorny rings – you’d think they’d be playing each other’s love on screen too.exist Good morningHowever, Latin pop star Becky G plays London’s girlfriend Apple, while Fox plays London’s super-cool, pink-haired, weed-loving roommate Oliver (who are clearly fans of the food name).

“There’s so much real life in this movie that we wanted to take it out of the shot. We wanted to show Meghan a character you wouldn’t normally see Meghan Fox playing,” Maude said of casting Fox as the Speaking for Olive’s decision. “I mean, you get to know Meghan and she’s actually silly and funny. But you have to get to know her to see that.

“So, I was able to have this view of her, like, we want to show Meghan this way, to make her part of the boys,” he continued. “Because that’s how I picture her — they only started dating at the beginning of the pandemic, she’s part of a gang, and she’s been around. That’s how I see her, as one of the boys.”

As expected, Pete Davidson Everything improvised.

When asked how much of Davidson’s jokes were improvised, Maud said: “Everything I say is not a joke.” He plays Berry (yes, there’s an “e”), a team desperate to be part of the London team. A member of the hotel staff. As expected, signal to noise ratio The comedian stole nearly every scene he was in.

“That’s the beauty of working with real comedians,” Maude said. “Listen, I’m new to this world of acting, directing, setting life, etc. I think, all I see, is just around it, people start setting with memorized scripts and trying to make scripts come to life And then there’s this side of the comedian, look, man, we know what you really want in the cut, and what you want is a different shot every time. Watching Pete give a different take every time, He’d say something completely different. So would Whitney Cummings. It was amazing to watch.”

MGK and Mod Sun have certain manifesting abilities.

Mod sincerely believes that he and MGK are writing some Good morningThe craziest bit.

“He was trying to get the role of Batman… There was no new Batman at the time. We didn’t even know a new Batman was being made,” he explained. “And the whole ‘fake drake’ thing, when we made fake drakes in this movie, didn’t have fake drakes pop. It’s really crazy how much it showed.”

Unfortunately, one thing in the movie no Did it happen? The invention of the “shower,” which London introduces in the first scene as “the coolest thing money can buy,” is not essentially filled with steam, but with — you guessed it — smoke.

“We had that completely in our minds,” Maude said. “It’s like, our Stoner’s dream item.”

Mod Sun’s IRL fiancee, Avril Lavigne, caught the acting error after a cameo.

already Good morning, the Mod’s perennial high-flying sidekick insists to his friends that Avril Lavigne wrote “Sk8er Boi” about him. It’s a one-off, but by the end of the movie, Avril finds Maud herself in the hotel hallway, makes out to him frantically, and flirts with him, “You know I wrote ‘Sk8er Boi’ about you.” In another example of expressiveness, Maud said he wrote this article before he started dating Lavigne.

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“It’s at two completely different ends of the movie and you almost forget about that joke. And then when it connects, it’s a big hit. That’s one of the funniest parts, and it’s really funny because we It was actually written before Avril and I started dating, so it turned out to be insane,” he explained, adding that if Avril had her way, we’d see more of her on screen. “She’s really a great actress, and she’s drawn to it on set. She’s like, yo, I want to do more of that.”

Dennis Rodman cameo at the last minute.

Good morning There’s no shortage of crazy cameos — Danny Trejo as the Caveman Method actor, Trippie Redd throws water balloons, Amber Rose sells marijuana — but most Outrageous might be Dennis Rodman. In the film, London confronts Rodman at the airport after assuming the former NBA superstar is dating Apple – punching him in the face in London Square as Rodman’s security responds And it didn’t end well.

“Up until the day before the shoot, it was just ‘pro athletes’. That’s what it said on the call sheet, that’s what it said in the script. Others, we basically wrote cameos for this guy. But We don’t know who the ‘professional athlete’ should pick,” Maude explained, adding that he left the decision on who would play the role to MGK, the bigger sports fan of the two.

“He’s been rocking, trying to get people locked. So the day before, the production company and everyone freaked out, and he was like, ‘Don’t worry, man, trust me, I’m under control. And then he’s going to turn to me , he’d say, ‘Man, I don’t fucking know what we’re going to do.'”

The day before the airport scene was supposed to be filmed, Maude had a light bulb moment. “I was like, bro, there’s only one athlete I know, and that’s Dennis Rodman,” Maud continued. “I have a Dennis Rodman tattoo, okay? Because Dennis Rodman is one of the most authentic weirdos we’ve ever met, and I’m a fan of weirdos; rare humans who have ever been on this planet. Dennis Rodman Mann was one of them and a rarity. We ended up on the phone with him. I swear he was at a pool party and couldn’t hear us at all, but he said, ‘Okay, I’ll go tomorrow.'”

There is another (probably more confusing) ending there.

Consider this a spoiler alert if you don’t want to know what happens at the end Good morningIn the final moments, things take a full, psychedelic loop, when Apple and London accidentally bump into each other on their way to meet and put on makeup. They woke up in the same ward, and Apple said to her bandaged boyfriend, “Good night.”

“There could be another full cut someday with crazy twists that no one understands. Initially, we wanted it to be a huge movie, like we were doing a TV episode the entire time we watched it ,” Mod explained. “We fought hard for it, but it didn’t land. Before shooting, we learned from other directors that the film would be shown to you as you make it. So we kept the interpretation of it in the final edit.

“But we set it to a point where you know the movie is called Good morning, essentially saying ‘so sad’, you know? He continued. “There’s a duality to everything, even in moments of sadness and despair where you think the world is ending and everything is going wrong, there’s a reason for that. That’s how it landed. “

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