Metal bass player Robert Trujillo is a special guest on the latest episode “Ex-boyfriend with Dr. Coyle”where is the podcast bad wolf and God forbid Guitarist Dr. Coyle Discuss the challenges and transformations of leaving a landmark business with professionals from the music industry and other creative industries.

Talking about the importance of getting along with band members, Trujillo say in part (as in transcription BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “In any case, someone who’s about to show up and do a band, never get caught up in the idea that you’re in your band, you’re safe, and nothing can touch you. Anyone can be replaced. And you always want to try to be as respectful as possible. Because you’ll have your ups and downs, you’ll bump your head — and rightfully so — but it doesn’t mean you give up or you hate that person or whatever.

“In my team, I’ve been in situations where things get heated and you hit your head. It happens in Metal. Several times, even if james [Hetfield, METALLICA frontman]. james Kind of… maybe something bothered him… I remember a few years ago — about three years ago — in Italy. Poor guy, he got a bee sting in the face, I think so. I don’t think he’s allergic, but poison oak is happening. So your face hurts and your body is itchy. You are on the way. It’s raining. We are in Italy or something.One of the songs – like ‘The memory remains’ What… I have a lot going on in my head. Kirk [Hammett, METALLICA guitarist] I’m doing these duets and I’m singing in other languages.and Russ [Ulrich, METALLICA drummer] Throwing, like, “do a bass solo,” kind of like the day before. I was just, like, ‘Aaaargh…’ So I was nervous.and [James is] Also nervous, but we are nervous about different things. We’ll be on stage soon, but it’s getting late.we are playing ‘The memory remains’ [in the tuning room], and I’m just interfering with it a little bit, but I’m not really interfering with it at all; I’m just kind of hallucinating it. He was like, “Do you know this song?” It’s a song that we’ve played thousands of times. I was insulted because it was one of the easiest songs we played and you asked me if I knew it. So I was just kind of, like, ‘Yeah, I know the fuck…’ I blew a fuse. Then I felt terrible, and he felt terrible too. And then we realized, I think, I’m tripping over the weight on my shoulders here; he tripped over this and this, maybe… I mean, I get it, man – I’ve eaten poison oak; before Being stung by a bee is no fun. And while you’re there, you’re trying to be your best. So instead of throwing your instrument down and getting hit or something like that, you work on it – you calm yourself down and then you realize what’s going on. “

He continued: “So even in our case, this can happen. It’s just the nature of the beast. We are all individuals and we all have our moments. So I always emphasize that – now more than ever. Any time more emphasis is placed on this.

“Words of the Wise: Always keep calm,” Trujillo Add to. “You’re in a band — that’s cool — but it’s about relationships and being the best version of yourself, the best person, the best brother, the best gay. It’s very important to everything here. “

TrujilloBorn October 23, 1964 in Santa Monica, California, got a taste of success as a bassist in the punk-funk pioneers suicidal tendencies and Ozzy Osborn‘s band.But in 2003, he successfully passed the audition instead Jason Newstead exist MetalA process is recorded in this documentary “Some kind of monster”.

Metalbeloved former bass player Cliff Burton In 1986 the band’s tour bus crashed while traveling through Sweden and died in 1986. “Damage Inc. Tour” support “Puppet Master”.

Trujillo Tell exclamation! In a 2016 interview, he felt less pressure than his lower-end predecessors.

“Whether it is Jason or myself or cliff, we’re all different types of players from different places, but give the best things to the band,” he said. “That’s what I do, do my best, cater to the song, cater to the listening music. “

Hetfield commend Trujillo In an interview in 2017 94.5 hum The radio station said: “Who else can [have come in and done the job]? I mean, we auditioned a few people, I know. It might work with other people, but it’s hard to find someone your age; obviously, musically, your upbringing; ability-wise; they’ve been on the road. It’s not like you’re taking your kid out for the first time, it’s, “Oh my God!” He’s going through everything you did twenty-five years ago. He has children. he has married. It has just solidified and is still solidifying. I think his personality is probably one of the best contributions to the band because he’s calm, he’s very willing to do anything, he’s always there to rehearse. So he does fit. “

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