MICHAEL SCHENKER slams KK DOWNING’s claims about Flying V guitars: “Why would he lie about it?”

in a brand new interview “Country Rock with Dave Kinchin and Sean McEckern” Classic rock show, legendary German guitarist Michael Schenk before being askedPriest of Judah Guitarist KK DowningClaims he was ‘the first to bring Flying V’ [guitar] Forever heavy metal. ” Schenk say (as in transcription BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “Those guys, they’re so desperate to be recognized, to be the first and get all the damn accolades, just like my brother. It’s unbelievable. I don’t have expectations, so people think they can walk around me and I ripped off my credit. I even heard Metal Say, guitarists, they invented the gallop [rhythm]. I have gallop [UFO‘s] ‘lowest point’it is good forward [METALLICA did]. These people are crazy. They are so hungry for fame and fortune. “

loop back to Downingassertion, Schenk Say: “First, Priest of Judah and UFO Recorded in the same studio.and Priest of Judah guitarist is Michael Schenk fan. That’s number one.so if they are Michael Schenk fans, most likely KK Downing ripped me off, not the other way around.

“Then, when I was on my first U.S. tour, going to Whiskey A Go Go with my girlfriend, and I was 19 — around 74, 75 — we saw Priest of Judah At Whiskey A Go Go. When they came on stage, I looked at my girlfriend and she looked at me. He’s my stand-in – he’s definitely a stand-in. He has curly hair, he has Flying V, he has my stage costume, you can get it. This is incredible.The truth is that everyone knows he is Michael Schenk, so why would he lie about it? This is simply insane. “

was asked when was the last time he spoke to him Downing, Schenk Said: “We played at his venue [KK’s Steel Mill in Wolverhampton, England]in my dressing room there is a copy from KK Downing There’s an envelope with chocolates and a whole basket of sweets and stuff like that, and a thank you note, blah, blah, blah. Obviously, he was happy that I could play in his place. “

be an interviewer Dave Kinchin question Schenk If he is “surprised” by the fact Downing Known as the “first person” to bring the Flying V guitar to heavy metal, Michael Said: “Honestly, I’m shocked – people are so desperate that they even lie about it. Although people can go back to interviews in the past, when they said they were Michael Schenk Fans, wait, wait. This is incredible. But I’ll tell you: I’ve heard and seen a lot of things. Nothing surprises me anymore. “

Schenk has previously expressed his beliefs Downing Copied his expression when talking to Canadians sound of metal in early April.after the interviewer Jimmy Kay Noting it’s “amazing” how “everyone [was] copy” Schenklook and play his guitar, Michael Said, “Yeah, at least that was in the ’80s. That’s what happened. They either copied me, or Eddie Van Halen, or they copied each other in 80s scenes just to be part of the trend. “

Recent years, Schenk I have repeatedly accused my brother, Scorpion Guitarist Rudolf Schenk“Totally Twisted” Michael“Use Flying V himself as the icon’s personality.” Sometimes Rudolph would walk up to me and proudly report who tapped him on the shoulder and said, ‘Hey, Michael, How are you? ‘ reduce and Joe PerryE.g,” Michael Tell guitar world In an interview in 2020. “Although I didn’t watch it, he’s been distorting the image of hell over the years Schenk brother. People don’t know who is who anymore. It’s incredible how he managed to twist the whole thing. Rudolph made a deal Gibson For black and white guitars. He asked me if I mind if he played Black and White Flying V. I asked myself why he wanted to be me, but I just said, “Go ahead.” Then he pushed it so far, trying to make the black and white image his. He didn’t know who he was.Then he made a cheeky deal Gibson Get a signed Flying V. “

last year, Downing Tell Sonic view He was inspired to play the Flying V guitar at an early age. “It stems from my childhood,” he said. “I saw the Flying V in the store, but I couldn’t afford it. And I’ve seen it before. I’m the one Oliver Twist type of child – [I] No money, but somehow I knew this was the guitar I wanted to make. Now, it’s clear that Flying V is synonymous with metal and hard rock. For me, it’s never been a problem. “

“common”the new studio album from Schenkof Michael Schenk Groupwhich will be adopted on May 27 Atomic Fire Records.

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