Minjae Kim shares the creative world with his artist mother

New York designer Minjae Kim shares creative world with his artist mother at Matter

middle New York Design Week 2022Artist and designer Minjae Kim showcases new furniture and the work of his mother artist MyoungAe Lee at Matter Projects

In artist and designer Minjae Kim’s latest exhibition, the relationship between mother and son is seen through a creative lens.Staged at Matter Projects during New York Design Week 2022 Most notably, in addition to the paintings of his mother MyoungAe Lee, Kim is a well-known Korean artist whose new explorations in sculpture, furniture and lighting follow an intimate way of thinking that expresses his A conversation between his mother’s creative practice.

In the last year, Kim has become one of the most exciting design practitioners in America. With a solid background in architecture and design (he graduated from Columbia University with a master’s in architecture, then worked at interior design firm Studio Giancarlo Valle), Kim began developing his art practice during the pandemic, reinterpreting traditional Korean materials and creating his Now recognizable techniques for carving wood and carving resin pieces. The highly anticipated New York show follows last year’s acclaimed New York show at Marta Los Angeles, which delves into the duality of his identity.

“I grew up watching [my mother] Endless attempts to balance her family role with her identity as an artist, which at times manifested as a guilt [in me]; feeling that raising me somehow kept her from being the artist she was supposed to be,” Kim revealed. “It was a sentiment I always had in my twenties, so when my work started getting recognized, I Naturally wants her work to be part of my world.I include her work in my first gig at marta, if I have any media, I want her drawing to be in the photo.It’s always so exciting because I can really see the impact she has on me while I’m working [shown] Together.when jamie [Gray] From Matter’s proposal for an exhibition in New York, I was ready to see this story unfold. I also want my mom who lives in Korea to see the world I’m building and want her to be a part of it. I can’t think of a better way to do this.

“I wanted to make pieces that were a direct response to her work, to really project her language onto me” – Minjae Kim

Kim’s new collection features 18 new pieces, specifically four fiberglass chairs, a wardrobe, four floor lamps, two benches, a wooden chair, five cast aluminum chairs, and a set of dinnerware, with Gray and Matter The in-house co-production design team worked together to blur the lines between furniture and sculpture. Featuring 15 of Lee’s paintings, the exhibition marks her US debut, creating a cohesive environment that visually represents Kim’s childhood artistic experiences.

Kim says, “I wanted to make pieces that were a direct response to her work, to really project her language onto me. I thought a lot about how she spends hours contouring or building a shade of color into her work. Knowing that her work will occupy the walls gives an idea of ​​the layout and typology of the building [my] work, also makes me feel more comfortable when working with colors. I know this will allow me to work more freely.

The breadth of work on display and the work demonstrate a clear progression in King’s practice. “My practice has increased since last year. Most of the work I showed at Marta a year ago was done in basements and backyards before I had a studio,” Kim continues. “This time, with the help of many talented makers and suppliers in New York, and some help from the studio, I was able to make a slightly larger piece. I worked with the production team at Zak+Fox, Jouffre, and Matter Made. Collaborated to realize the idea of ​​an upholstered wardrobe that is over 8 feet tall. It was incredible to be able to work with these professionals I have so much respect for during my years as a designer in NYC. Realized that this was a Intimidating concept, but having them by my side really gave me the confidence to move forward.

It is undeniable that the son’s love and respect for his mother has been paid attention to. The two have been separated for most of the time since Kim started his solo career because of the pandemic, Kim said. Lee flew about ten days before the opening, and that was the first time she saw my work in a meaningful way. Way”.

He said, “Seeing the piece in real life answered a lot of the questions she had seen from the photos over the past few years. I think watching the show also helped her believe in my approach and relieved her when I left. Worry in the office. It also showed her my understanding, appreciation and respect for her work, especially the new fiberglass chair, which is my tribute to her work. She jokingly told me that she wanted me to This new work pays her royalties, which I definitely will.§

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