More 2022 Signers Arrive at Florida Campus

Gainesville, Florida — Several Florida signees and preferred extras have arrived on campus in preparation for the summer B semester beginning June 27.

Swamp247 has confirmed that six signers have signed up on campus today.A large number of people have arrived recipient signer Caleb Douglas, tense ending Hayden Hansenoffensive striker Jaren Farmerdefensive tackle JamalionSafety Miguel Mitchell and kicker Trey Smack.

A few others will arrive in the next few days, with Max Brown Tell Swamp247 that he will be on May 25 with three other (offensive linemen) Christian Williamsend in a hurry Jack Piper and linebacker Shemar James) is expected by the end of May.

run back to sign Trevor Etienne and offensive tackles David Connor Arrives on campus May 9, while Florida State has three spring semester enrollees: Defensive Tackle Chris McClellancornerback Devon Moore and safety Kamari Wilson.

As a result, the bulk of Florida’s 18-person contracted class of 2022 will be on campus through the end of May.

The Gators expect some contributions from the group, although transition classes rarely provide a large number of major coach Billy Napier Had to scramble to get out of class steadily Dan MullenHe was ousted after the 2021 election.

After winning the Sun Belt Conference title and arriving at UF, Napier had about two weeks to recruit and re-recruit several prospects ahead of the early signing period.

Florida is picky about its selection, with some existing commitments not making it into the classroom, and Napier made sure not to hire just to fill vacancies. Instead, he looks for something of the right quality.

Some of the newcomers on campus definitely fit the bill.

Especially Hansen and Douglas, whom Napier targeted early because Florida wasn’t really paying attention to those prospects before his arrival.

Douglas was the first player Napier offered in Florida, a three-star player from Missouri City, Texas. At 6-foot-3 and 185 pounds, he’ll come in and try to compete for snaps in the receiving room that needs some playmaker to show up.

“Caleb is a unique athlete,” Napier said. “Caleb is a former quarterback who transitioned to catcher as a junior. He’s in our footprint, in the Louisiana recruiting footprint. We evaluated him. Had a relationship with him before. Yes. It feels really good to go up.

“You turn on the senior tape, as you would expect, because you expect a guy to take off and have a great year. I think his best football is ahead of him. He’s 6-foot-3 on the official visit, 192 lbs. He really has another gear. Awesome”

Meanwhile, Hansen is a little-known tight end in Weatherford, Texas.

“This guy is a former quarterback, and he really blew my mind when he came to Louisiana to do personal training for us,” Napier said. “I thought I was on a reality show (being punk) or something. Like this guy didn’t have the chance I thought he would have. So I think it’s a little bit of a result of him playing quarterback. In his junior year For a couple of games in , they got him in trouble. He kind of agreed with that. The movie wasn’t great in his junior year. He’ll tell you.

“But he took a big step forward. He ran 4.79, 4.81 (40 yards dash) for us in UL. And being a two-handed big man, I think his ceiling is really high.”

Swamp247 will continue to update as other Florida 2022 signers arrive on can 2022 Commitment List Page.

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