Movie room: Cam Taylor-Britt is just what the Tigers need

this Cincinnati Bengals Rarely make trades to move up in the draft, but that’s exactly what they did with Nebraska cornerback Cam Taylor-Britt in the 2nd round 2022 NFL Draft.

After making the selection, staff praised Tyler Britt for his energy and consistency. Let’s see what Taylor-Britt brings to the table.

Taylor-Britt is fifth in red, at the bottom of the screen.

In this clip, Tyler Britt is on the news and defends the catcher’s fade (outside the vertical).

He doesn’t interfere with receivers on the line of scrimmage. Instead, he opted for the glide technique, where he slid back, keeping his eyes on the receiver. Taylor-Britt put his hands on him as the receiver released on the outside. This is a problem. He should only use the opposite version of the receiver.

Bringing his inside hand in as the catcher releases out will help Tyler Britt open his hips and make a smooth transition. Putting his outside hand on the receiver locks Taylor-Britt’s hip, making it harder for him to transition.

Fortunately, he quickly removed his outside hand and was able to make a smooth 180-degree turn.

Taylor-Britt was able to stride with the receiver, keeping it on his hip. Even when he turns to look for the ball, he doesn’t drift. When the pass came, he cut and played on the ball in front of the receiver.

It’s a great race that showcases Taylor-Britt’s speed, acceleration and hip flexibility.

Taylor-Britt is fifth in red, at the bottom of the screen.

“But coach, who is that catcher?”

Well, in this clip, the receiver is Ohio State University Outstanding and 11th overall pick new orleans saints Chris Olaf. He is very nice. *wink

Once again, we saw patience on the melee line as Tyler-Britt looked at Olaf and waited for him to announce his release. When Olaf released inside, Tyler Britt brought two hands. As mentioned above, this is something that should be coached outside of his game. When the ball is thrown the other way, he still transitions smoothly and is right on the receiver’s hip.

Tyler Britt is a great athlete who can rival top talent.

Taylor-Britt is number 5 in red, at the top of the screen.

Cornhuskers, like Bengals, have extensive coverage. Tyler Britt is great no matter what the defense. He does an excellent job of reading the quarterback in zone coverage, which gives him plenty of opportunities to play the ball.

In this video, Tyler Britt is in charge of the backcourt area, but he reads the quarterback, gives up the vertical drive, and drives on the backcourt line. If you pause the clip at the moment the quarterback takes his hand off the ball (about 3 seconds), you can see Taylor-Britt start to break. It’s perfect, not uncommon in a Taylor-Britt movie.

Taylor-Britt was off screen at the start of the clip, but will be No. 5 in white at the top of the screen, running behind the receiver.

The last clip is great, but what you really want to see is the interception. It requires a good reading of the quarterback, quick dribbling of the ball, and ball skills to get the ball in.

Ladies and gentlemen: Three in a row.

Nebraska is in the form of cover 2 in this clip. As Cover 2 corner, Taylor-Britt is in charge of the Curl/Flat area. If you pause the clip for about 2 seconds, you can see that Taylor-Britt has an outward line in front of him and a vertical line behind him. His job is to defend both sides, which is a big reason why reading the quarterback effectively is so important (see previous games).

Of course, deeper routes are the priority, so he should keep descending for depth. He shouldn’t simply skip the route below and leave safety on the island without help from below.

If the quarterback has his hands off the ball and his shoulders are low, the corner should be driven on the outside. If he gets there in time for a tackle with little to no gain, it’s a victory for the defense. That’s why tackles are so important to cornerbacks.

In the case of a deep pass to the outside, the safety and cornerback will surround the line. The safety is responsible for playing over the receiver, so if the ball is thrown in front of the receiver, the safety must be able to play on it. The corner kick is below the return ball, so if the ball is short or deliberately thrown over the back shoulder, the corner kick needs to be played on the ball.

If, as happens in this case, the quarterback has his hands off the ball and his shoulders are high, he’s looking to put air on the ball. That means it’s going deep and outside. The corners must break below the vertical route, in this case a fade.

Tyler Britt did a great job in this game, shrinking the space and getting under the vertical. He got there like the ball and was intercepted.

Taylor-Britt is fifth in red, at the bottom of the screen.

This is one of my favorite Taylor-Britt clips because it shows his toughness.

He was caught watching the action and was beaten on the route. This game should be a touchdown. You’ll see a lot of players give up games like this, but not Tyler Britt.

He caught up with the catcher just in time as he tried to catch the catch. Forcing not to finish is enough. Tyler Britt didn’t give up.

Taylor-Britt is red #5 and will enter the screen from the left.

Before defensive coordinator Lou Anarumo came to Cincinnati, steals were a major issue, but in recent years they’ve emphasized bringing in good tacklers. Taylor-Britt will continue this trend.

In this clip, they make a receiver move to stop Taylor-Britt. The receiver is severely unbalanced. Taylor-Britt hit the would-be blocker, pushed him back and quickly came off the court for a tackle.

Tyler Britt is No. 5 on the whitelist, at the top of the screen.

Here, the offense is doing a quick screening of receivers. Taylor-Britt goes straight over the blocker to fail the tackle.

Tyler Britt brings the physicality the Tigers are looking for to cornerback.

Taylor-Britt is fifth in red, at the bottom of the screen.

This clip also has a screen, but this time it’s a running back screen leave From Tyler Britt.

Tyler Britt was blitzing, and when the ball was thrown, he kept running. He tracks the ball carrier and makes tackles with the help of his teammates.

It’s an incredible effort.

Cam Taylor-Britt fits perfectly with the Bengals culture and defensive style. He reads a lot and is explosive enough to have a great game in middle school. His level of effort is unmatched, allowing him to play all over the field.

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