Movie stunt couple goes viral for catching fire during wedding

  • Ambyr and Gabriel Jessop are stunt professionals who met in a 2019 movie.
  • The pair got married in early May and performed a “burn” stunt in which they set their clothes on fire.
  • Their DJ posted a video of the stunt on TikTok and it went viral without the couple’s knowledge.

When Ambyr and Gabriel Jessop got married on May 7, they knew they wanted to do something special to show their guests “why we choose what we do and why we love it.” As film stunt professionals, It will always be gorgeous.

After much deliberation, they found the perfect stunt – igniting the backs of their clothes to make them look like they were on fire.

After the wedding, the couple went on their honeymoon and said they “did not know” that their DJ was in Tik Tok Show off stunts. But a few hours later, Gabriel said his family and friends started sending messages about the video, and they realized they were going viral.

It now has 16 million views and 3 million likes, and the couple are “pleased that the overall response has been positive,” they said.

The Jessops told Insider they had no intention of sharing the video with others on social media. They said their wedding was “full of positivity” and they “didn’t try to show off or do something for the internet”.

That said, they added, “It’s great to see people seeing our chemistry and why we’re going through something like this instead of just having a normal wedding like most people do.”

Stunts require a lot of preparation to perform safely

To perform the stunt, the back of Ambil’s wedding dress and her bouquet were set on fire, as was the back of Gabriel’s suit.

Many commenters on TikTok liken it to “Hungry Games” The movie where the characters Katniss and Peeta are set on fire. Some comments expressed concern about Ambil’s hair, which appears to be partially falling out in TikTok, but she told Insider that she actually wears a headscarf and a wig to protect her real hair.

Amber wears her hood.

Amber wears a protective cover for the stunt.

Ambil Jessop

The couple also said they used flame retardants on their clothing and skin and asked members of the Wasatch County Fire Department in Utah to wait nearby in case anything went wrong.

The fire department did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

Ambil and Gabriel are married.

Ambil and Gabriel’s wedding.

Ambil Jessop.

Seems to be on fire feels like the perfect way to commemorate their connection

Ambyr and Gabriel, who met while working on the working group in 2019 Movie Set near Salt Lake City, Utah, told Insider they decided to use fire in the show because it felt like an appropriate way to celebrate their connection.

“All the clichés about love, right? Like our ‘burning love’ for each other and ‘two flames coming together’. We were talking to our stunt coordinator, Frank, and he said, ‘Oh, there is So many ways to connect it to your love and your story, ‘So we thought, let’s do this,'” Gabriel told Insider.

Photo of the couple on a sailboat.

Part of the wedding took place on the couple’s sailboat.

Ambil Jessop.

Ambyr added: “In so many stunts, you’re going to be beaten, or you’re going down or fighting with someone. If we’re going to do something like this at a wedding, I don’t think it really speaks to our connection and love. .”

She said that while performing the stunt, the couple had to communicate with each other to make sure the other was okay, “so it represented and facilitated our connection in a lot of ways.”


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Both Ambil and Gabriel posted clips of the stunt on their websites after Powell’s video of the couple went viral. my own Tik Tok account. They say the success of Powell’s video has inspired them to “go big” and to post other stunts on social media in the future.

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