New releases from CAVE IN, SEPTICFLESH and more released today 5/20

New heavy metal releases this week include epic metal in all its forms, “baroque-influenced” metal, and more! For metal…

Blut Aus Nord – Discord – an unimaginable abyss

Genre: Black/Progressive Metal
Origin: Mondville, France
Tags: Debemur Morti

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Something wicked starts this week.fourteenth album Blut Aus Nord Unsurprisingly haunting and dark. It’s like an ominous movie soundtrack with an explosive beat.

collapse – re-swing

Type: Progressive sludge/metal core
Origin: Maythuen, Massachusetts
Tag: recurrence

What if you are collapse (Why don’t you?), you’ll get a lot here re-swing. It’s seventy-plus minute intervals, progressive, filthy weird. This is their first time with bassist Nate Newton (convergence) He is a good fit.

ever gray — Relentless Portrait (Orfenyo)

Genre: Progressive/Power Metal
Place of Origin: Gothenburg, Sweden
Tags: napalm

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With so much time off the road in 2020 and 2021, it only makes sense for the already quite prolific Evergrey to take the time to write tons of epic prog jams. The thirteenth album has Tom Englund and The Boys angrier than the previous album. Still, there are tons of epic songs that are all the rage.

James Labry — beautiful shade of grey

Genre: Melodic Metal/Progressive
Origin: Toronto, Ontario
Tag: InsideOut

When James left his dream fellow actor (that’s what they must be called, right?), his songs ended up being more straightforward. beautiful shade of grey Possibly his most melodic solo album to date, as this time he seems to have given up on the harsh collaborators. This really shows LaBrie’s strengths.Jordan has a full review here.

malicious malicious

Genre: Grooved Metal/Hardcore
Origin: Sheffield, England
Tags: nuclear explosion/MLVLTD

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There’s something here that will make a circular pit spin. malicious There’s a lot going on with this record. Hardcore frenzy, metalcore anthem chorus, surprising tech lead lines and big ol’ groove.they are like you glued all the rest arrive hate breed. What an interesting premise for a movie.Max has something to say here.

mortal servants— road to fire

Genre: Post Black Metal
Origin: Nashville, Tennessee
Tags: Drilling Recording

Buy it now Band summer camp

When Skip the Band Talks This Week mortal slave Caught my attention because their press release included the line “Baroque-Influenced Post Black Metal.” This is what caught my attention. Like most post-black metal records, it has fairly consistent vibrato pickup, high-speed drums, and plenty of ambience, but there’s something special mixed in that gives it some classical whimsy. It’s a unique record that breaks the mold of their sub-sub-(sub?)-genre.

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Sepsis — modern primitive

Genre: Symphonic Death Metal
Place of Origin: Athens, Greece
Tags: nuclear explosion

End the week with some epic shit from our favorite Greek vampires. Their first record in five years combined their grandiose symphonic elements with solid death metal to tickle your teeth.Jeff has a full review here.

Dropped today too…

  • anvil Imminent impact (AFM) – Heavy Metals
  • Lakta Dara ApartmentsAdyapeeth Maranasamhita (Iron Bonehead Productions) – Black/Death Metal
  • Assumption Nether tide (Everlasting Spew Records/Sentient Ruin Laboratories) – Doom/Death Metal
  • Get betterhello sun (Revelation) – Hardcore
  • swamp bodyFrozen Crack Cult (Profound Lore Records) – Death Metal
  • Brandy and Butcher lucky foot (Self) – hard rock
  • distraughtwhen the world dies (translation loss record) – Sludge/doom
  • Group D Group D (undefeated record) – hardcore
  • Dark Alamut Lunaism (Unique Leader Records) – Atmospheric Black/Death Metal
  • Yoshizawa Petrochemical Blues Machine (heavy psychological voice) – Stoner
  • Groni Budd Follow Les Hommes Sucer (Season of Misty) – Goregrind
  • Hersott will and the witch (M-Theory) – Folk/Death Metal
  • Lamakia thundercloud (Aqualamb Records) – Dark Environment
  • the ocean of loyaltystrange morning in the garden (American Laundry) – Alternative Rock
  • Luther new world (Mighty Music) – hard rock
  • luminous vaultAnimate the void (deep lore) – ferrous metal/industrial
  • multiple sclerosisempty (Black Doomba Records) – Doom
  • ofi sleepy night (My Kingdom Music) – avant-garde black metal
  • Ordo Rosarius EquilibrioNotes on Nihilism (and Eternal Quest 4 are meaningless (Out Of Line Music) – Industrial/New Folk
  • Organ TrailAnatomical Appetite (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions) – Grindcore/Death Metal
  • Predatory LightDeath and Twilight (20 Buck Spin) – Doom/Black Metal
  • RodriguezA Life-Changing Story, Part 1 (self-published) – progressive
  • rot violent utopia (Selfmadegod Records) – Grindcore/Savage Death Metal
  • sadism burn (Agonia) – technical death metal
  • sadistic ritualmystery, endless (Prosthetic Records) – Thrash
  • snake mother of light (Svart) – Ballad
  • change spaceimagery (Napalm) – Metal Core
  • spherical universe experience go home (Uprising) – avant-garde/symphonic metal
  • spices Vivi (Dais Records) – Rock
  • street pie Gentrification V: Whitewashing (The Flenser) – Experimental
  • texas murder crewwrapped in their blood (coma music) – brutal death metal
  • your kingdom will burnVoid and Vengeance (Scarlet) – Melodic Death Metal
  • waamatar medieval spirit (Iron Bonehead Productions) – Black Metal
  • ferrypeople like people (Tooth & Nail) – rock/pop
  • Sini Zanmass lullaby (Wild Kingdom) – Hard Rock
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