New Warner Bros. CEO reportedly not happy after finding out the reason for the recent Clint Eastwood flop

Loyalty can do a lot of good when you’re in the entertainment business. However, that trust can only take you so far, and those limitations have apparently been tested at Warner Bros.New CEO David Zaslav tries to cut fat, cancel production upcoming movies At the studio, the seriousness with which he runs the company is on full display.That’s why he reportedly wasn’t happy when he found out about Clint Eastwood’s failure crying macho It was made even though executives didn’t think it would be a box office winner.

Earlier meetings between Zaslav and other studio executives reportedly revealed this.In an article in The Wall Street Journalit was mentioned that Warner Bros allows brass crying macho Going forward despite assuming a loss of millions. reason?Clearly Eastwood is not only a high-profile actor/director, but has also brought great success to the studio, such as Dirty Harry (Dirty Raven movies and unforgivable, he never goes over budget and always arrives on time. David Zaslav dismissed this answer, responding as follows:

We don’t owe anyone anything. This is not “show friends”, but “show business”.

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