Proposed Cowboys trade sends QB to Seahawks for ‘slippery’ RB

Dij Dallas


DeeJay Dallas of the Seattle Seahawks dribbles during the game.

Sometimes a trade is the best way for two NFL teams to meet their needs. This offseason, Dallas Cowboys and Seattle Seahawks can help each other.

Seattle and Dallas find themselves in two very different positions: The Cowboys are in the middle of chartered quarterback Dak Prescott’s career, while the Seahawks continue from chartered quarterback Russell Wilson after 10 years go ahead.Many expected Seattle to draft a quarterback, but the Seahawks chose Improve elsewhere.

as Mike Chiari of Bleacher Report speculated in early March, Seattle’s quarterback room could change sometime next year. But for now, Drewlock and Jano Smith could be vying for the starting spot, According to Michael-Shawn Dugar of The Athletic.

If Seattle is in the market for more QB games, the Cowboys can help, thanks to the Cooper Rush, Ben Dinucci and Will GreerAll three have NFL experience, but Rush’s impressive Week 8 performance last year could make him an interesting option.In that game, in the road game against the Minnesota Vikings on October 31, Rush was called 24 for 40 for 325 yards And two touchdowns against one interception.

In return for Rush, Seattle has something to offer dallas head coach mike mccarthy Say the team needs: a returner for a punt.”Player acquisitions never stop. It’s definitely a question we have to get answered,” said McCarthy, Michael Gerken of the Dallas Morning News May 13 on Twitter.

The return for the Seahawks will be DeeJay Dallas, who also has a spot on the offensive end.Dallas 33 kicks back in 2021 764 yards while rushing 33 times and catching 21 times.

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Rush and Dallas Attraction

Neither the Mavs nor Rush are big-name players, so fans of each team may be unfamiliar with the opposing players. Rush is entering his sixth season and reaching his athletic peak at 28, while Dallas is entering his third NFL season at 23.

Rush’s appeal centers on his first and only NFL starter.As an undrafted free agent in the 2017 offseason, he Signed rookie contract with Dallas And only appeared in five games, with no starters until 2020.

Prescott’s injury in 2021 gives Rush a chance against the Vikings in Week 8. His impressive starting debut, which included a 92.2 quarterback rating, gave the Cowboys a 20-16 victory.

On the other hand, DeeJay Dallas’ appeal centers on his special team ability as a returner, but he’s also another potential weapon in the Cowboys’ offense. 2020 fourth-round pick described as ‘slippery’’s draft analysishe’s as versatile as an offensive player in the NFL.

Dallas combined for 490 yards and five touchdowns between his rushing and receiving ability. Last year, he averaged 3.7 yards per carry, 6.4 yards per catch and 23.2 yards per return.

Why the trade worked for the Cowboys and Seahawks

In early May, Dallas Morning News reporter Michael Galken reported that McCarthy made it clear, Cowboys Need to add a kickback and say “player acquisition” never stops.

“CeeDee Lamb up to the starting wing. Cedric Wilson on the Dolphins. So, who’s going to be the Cowboys’ return in 2022?” Gehlken tweeted on May 13. ‘Mike McCarthy: ‘As Stephen’ [Jones] It’s been said, it’s true, that player acquisition never stops. This is definitely a question we have to get answered. ‘”

Dallas could be that returner while also playing a secondary role on offense. With Greer and Dinucci both on the roster, Dallas will still be in contention for the backup quarterback spot. Despite only 97 pass attempts between Greer and Dinucci, the Cowboys seem to think they can be a worthy backup.

Smith is a veteran in the league, but his ceiling has long been established as a backup. Rock can do well in his new home, but it remains unproven. Because Seattle has yet to find a team quarterback, Rush may become more attractive.

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