Queen Elizabeth makes new move to save Prince Andrew’s reputation

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Queen brings Andrew back to the royal family

Was the power of the royalist recall a flash in the pan?A person is convinced of a very specific memory Prince Andrew Effectively expelled from the royal family a few months ago.

Why, yes, on January 13th, as we reported, the queen herself Released a statement saying the duke would not undertake any “public duty” and was defending himself Virginia Roberts GiuffreSexual assault charges for “private citizen”.

The court also briefed him on the background that he will no longer use his title of His Royal Highness.A few weeks later, it was announced Andrew is settling with the plaintiff, who reportedly used his mother’s large sums of money to do so. The rationale widely given by palace officials at the time was that it was done so that Andrew’s legal woes would not overshadow the Queen’s jubilee.

So why is it that the Duke of Dishonored is now said to be attending one of the most important ceremonies in the royal calendar, Garter Day, as HRH? The Telegraph Andrew will reportedly attend the Order of the Garter ceremony on June 13 with the Queen, senior members of the royal family and the former prime minister.

The palace is trying to move forward with the bizarre decision as Andrew was appointed to the Order of the Garter “personally” by the Queen. It seems increasingly clear that the Queen has no intention of expelling her favourite son from royal life entirely.

As long as she took a breath, Andrew had obviously stepped on the door.

This raises the question of why she helped him pay off Giuffre. Isn’t it a pivotal moment for Andrew to really be involved in the celebration by letting all thoughts of Andrew go away and the Queen wants the case resolved?

Allowing him to hold her to her seat at Prince Philip’s memorial service in March was actually a softening exercise to allow Andrew to subtly reintegrate into royal life during the jubilee, when criticism of the Queen would naturally be swept away. neglect?

This theory is only supported if telegraph Andrew will reportedly be known as His Royal Highness in the court circular the next day.There seems to be no reason not to believe telegraph, This seems to have good authority. A palace source told the paper it would be “standard practice”.

Newsflash: Prince Andrew forced to settle sex crime charges for millions with no standards.

The Order of the Garter is the UK’s highest order of knighthood. It has only 24 members at any one time. Being invited to join is the ultimate sign of respect for the institution.

this sunday times Report The Queen will not appoint a new Grenadier Guard Royal Colonel ahead of the June 2 military parade to “relieve” Prince Andrew’s embarrassment. After a settlement with Giuffre, Andrew was stripped of his military title.

It’s hard not to come to the conclusion that the Queen wants to save as much of his place as possible before she dies.

Queen won’t receive ‘royal salute’ at military parade

Prince Charles, Prince William and Princess Anne will reportedly receive a “royal salute” at the military parade – and for the first time in 70 years Queen Elizabeth has not done so, this sunday times Report.

Although the Queen has been seen looking cheerful and lively at the Royal Windsor Horse Show in recent days, toured the new ‘Elizabeth’ London Underground line and will be present for some time during the ‘Parade’, ‘the ceremony is considering her comfort’ degree of modification,” the paper reported.

The Queen may “briefly inspect the troops in a carriage from Buckingham Palace before retiring for the remainder of the ceremony”, sunday times said before appearing on the balcony of Buckingham Palace with other family members. Another option is for the queen to simply appear on the balcony. It all depends on what the royal family describes as “occasional mobility issues” that the Queen has been experiencing.

Meanwhile, two stands partially collapsed during the official rehearsal of “Trooping” on Saturday. Five people were treated at the scene and three were taken to hospital. An eyewitness told Mirror“We were told to stand up and heard screams and then the area was in chaos. It turned out that part of it had collapsed and a woman had fallen. Paramedics rushed in but started shouting: ‘We can’t find it she. “

“A few minutes later she was rescued looking fine but severely shaken, put on a stretcher and then carried into an ambulance. The crowd was calm but was later moved out of that part. Then the second part also happened There was a similar collapse, the crowd was moved, but no one fell.”

Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage

The ‘Mystery’ of Harry’s Memoir’s Whereabouts

Prince Harry’s memoir is believed to be the ultimate narration planned to be released in “late 2022”, which has the royal family panicking in Queen Elizabeth’s platinum jubilee. Interview after Oprah’s bombing, as the royal family hopes to host a non-controversial celebration for the queen, the palace fears that Harry may sprinkle more dishes on the tension with his father Prince Charles and brother Prince William – Even Harry promises “an inspiring, brave and uplifting human story”.

but now, this sunday times ReportA spokeswoman for publisher Penguin Random House told the paper it had no publication date and would not confirm whether the book would still be published this year as planned.Harry’s spokesman era “A similar response…another source said there was ‘some uncertainty’ about the book’s publication date.”

Harry and Meghan’s global press secretary, Toya Holness, has also left. this era Report.

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Charles and Camilla will appear on EastEnders

Let’s hope there’s no killer who hides his gun among the daffodils. Will someone keep them for Jenny? You know how she looks around men, kind of hidden.

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles to appear in BBC prime-time soap on June 2 Eastsidersplaying herself in a storyline themed around Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee, this sun Report.

Fans of the show – in a fictional East London square full of love, betrayal, murder and other storylines too crazy to tell here – will know that plans to celebrate the jubilee are in the works, so in this real life In the encounter with Art, it is said that when the royal couple shows up, the celebrations will begin.

In a scene involving Charles, the Prince of Wales enters the iconic Queen Victoria pub. “Welcome to your great-great-great-grandmother’s cellar,” Mick said.

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, speaks with actors Kellie Bright, Steve McFadden and Letitia Dean during a visit to the EastEnders set at Elstree Studios on March 31, 2022 in Borehamwood, England.

Aaron Chown – WPA Pool/Getty Images

It’s unclear what Prince Charles’ response will be, but fans will advise him to approach the Queen’s bust with caution. It was used as a murder weapon to kill the villainous Archie Mitchell (and how we cheered) and had to be rescued from the Thames itself when it sank into the dark depths of the river following a boat disaster in 2020.

Kellie Bright (Kellie Bright) who plays Linda Carter – currently trying to win back her husband Mick (Danny Dyer) from the clutches of the evil Jenny (Charlie Brooks) – talks about Charles Speaking to Camilla, “I do think they’re just what an amazing sport they’re willing to do. It must be nerve-racking for them and totally out of their normal routine. So I just hope they enjoy it as much as we do.”

This is not the first time British public figures have flocked to Vic. Boris JohnsonThe then mayor of London, Peggy Mitchell (Barbara Windsor), makes an appearance as a landlord in 2009.

I think of lilies, roses, margaritas, and golden corn; I think of altar cloths and holy garments; I think of sky, earth, sun, moon, stars, and everything in the sky…

Norman Hartnell

Reflections on the Coronation of Sir Norman Hartnell

Highlights from the diary of the late Sir Norman Hartnell, the fashion designer dressed for the Queen’s wedding and coronation, appear in today’s daily mailHartnell, who died in 1979, sketched nine designs and wrote: “I think of lilies, roses, margaritas, and golden corn; I think of altar cloths and holy garments; I think of sky, earth, The sun, the moon, the stars and everything that could possibly be embroidered on a garment destined to be historic.”

In the end, however, the dress had a less noble pattern: chives. Hartnell thought he could use a daffodil to symbolize Wales, and was horrified when the King of Arms of the Garter, who was in charge of the coat of arms, told him: “A daffodil! I will never give you one. Daffodils. I’ll give you the proper Welsh sign, which is the leek.”

Hartnell wrote: “I complained that if I was forced to embroider leeks on my dress, I would dress a pretty young woman with vegetables. However, Guardian stood firm and made the final decision: leeks.

“Ultimately, it’s more of a diplomatic conspiracy than a piece of clothing. I agree, leeks are one of the most amazing vegetables, historically significant and undoubtedly healthful, but lesser known for their beauty. Couldn’t he let me use more elegant daffodils instead?

“‘No, Hartnell. You must have leeks,’ said Gard firmly. “

Hartnell learned to love leeks, and wrote that, in the end, he “was able to transform earthy leeks into a vision of Cinderella’s glamour, worthy of mingling with her sisters Rose and Mimosa in a glorious royal gathering— —and fit to adorn the Queen’s dress.”

Australia turns to Republican

Australia held a general election this week and the country’s new Labour leader is leftist Anthony Albanese.An open Republican, Albanian Reportedly at a private partyafter the disastrous events of Prince Andrew news night In the interview, “Congratulations, next year we will be a republic.”

However, the Labour manifesto detailed there were no plans to expel the Queen as head of state.

this week in royal history

Fifty years ago, when the Duke of Windsor (former King Edward VIII) died in Paris, one of the most turbulent chapters in royal history came to an end. He was buried in Frogmore, Windsor. Edward abdicated in 1936 and married Wallis Simpson a year later. His younger brother George VI succeeded to the throne. He died in 1952 and was succeeded by his daughter, Queen Elizabeth.

unanswered question

After months of relative invisibility, the Queen has recently been suddenly everywhere, looking bright and smiling. So, how many events will she be involved in at the Platinum Jubilee? We’ll find out soon.

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