queen established “Digital Noise Consortium” as the title of its new studio album, which will be released on October 7th Century Media Records.

Earlier today (Friday, May 20),queen Guitarist Michael Wilton Shared a short video trailer for the upcoming 2019 follow-up “judgment”which includes the following information: “Digital Noise Consortium – October 7, 2022 #Queensryche #DigitalNoiseAlliance #NewAlbum”.

“Digital Noise Consortium” again at the helm Chris “Zeus” Harrispeople who have worked with before queen in 2015 “Conditional Man” and “judgment” LP.

This past March, queen singer Todd Latorre Tell FOX17 Rock & Review On the band’s upcoming LP: “Every song can have a little bit of a different attitude, we just wanted to use real amps and all the vintage, real stuff that we’ve used throughout the band’s history queen.

“We did all the drums in one place in Clearwater [Florida] – a huge house with the most stunning tympanic ceiling,” Latorre continue. “So we played all the drums there. Then, really, at my place [in St. Petersburg, Florida]we were able to track all the guitars, basses and vocals.

“Those days of renting a studio for thousands of dollars a day, we really don’t need that anymore. And our producers Zeuswho did the last two queen album – he does everything grab zombiesthings; he is a seasoned producer, [and] He’s in charge of mixing and mastering, so he’s a one-stop shop – he’s from Massachusetts. So he’s handling all those duties. Things are going very well. We have fun. “

last November, Latorre tell canada sound of metal About new musical directions queen Material: “It doesn’t sound like ‘judgment’. It’s its own new thing. We’re really just focusing more on the melody hook. I don’t think we’re going to think, ‘Oh, we need to sound old school or new school or something like that. ‘”

He continued: “You know what we’ve done on this record… every once in a while, everyone submits their own song ideas, and we’ll work on it. But what we’ve done on this record Yes, except Eddie [Jackson, bass] — Eddie He wrote a couple of really cool songs and then showed us when they were almost done.and then Michael Kinda wrote some interesting chords – still stuck in the keys and everything.But we all entered a room with ours [in Florida], we start from scratch. picture, ‘Michael, what did you get? ‘ [And he would] Come up with a riff.and Casey [Grillo] Will sit on the drum, or I will sit on the drum. We were actually all in a room and tried it like the good old days. So this record is exactly like that — the whole thing is about the same, minus a song or two. Even this has changed a bit. “

In early 2021, Wilton Tell sound of metal About the new voice queen Music: “Our producers, Zeusif that’s any indication, he said it sounds like queen …I think we’re just going with our guts right now. In this day and age, you don’t want to risk too much.So I think it’s more of a continuation ‘judgment’, maybe, in a sense. We are riding the waves. It’s good for us. [Laughs]”

in October, Wilton Confirmed Returning Guitarist Mike Stone Will contribute guitar solos for the band’s next studio album.

Since late May 2021, stone Been dealing with second guitar duties queenannounced in July as longtime guitarist Parker Lundgren It is exiting the group to focus on “other commercial ventures”.

stone initially joined queen for the 2003 album “tribe” He was with the band for six years before leaving.

In the past five years, Grillo keep filling queenthe original drummer Scott Rockenfieldhe quit the band’s tour in early 2017 to spend time with his young son.

early October, rockenfield Lawsuit against original members of the band Wilton and Jacksonalleging, among other things, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty and improper performance.

Earlier this year, queen pull out Scorpion‘rearrange “Sin City Night” Las Vegas residency to support Priest of Judah exist “50 Years of Heavy Metal” North American tour dates. The hike begins March 4th in Peoria, Illinois and ends April 13th in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

photo by queenof Facebook Page

Digital Noise Coalition – October 7, 2022
#Queensryche #DigitalNoiseAlliance #NewAlbum

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