Sammy Watkins ‘in a good place right now’

GREEN BAY — The Packers’ offensive assistant coach spoke to the media this week. Here is an example of their main comment.

offensive coordinator adam stenavic

On the philosophy of prioritizing versatile offensive linemen:

It comes from a worst-case scenario, a worst-case scenario. It’s basically just trying to prepare for what might happen. In 2019, we really don’t have to dig into our depths. We almost had a starting five that played the entire season. And then 2020 and 2021 are a little bit different. So it’s just making sure you prepare the players for the worst. Once you have the right person in the room and everyone is ready to be the starter, then once their number is called, it’s not a big shift.

Everything about absorbing being a coordinator:

It’s kind of cool when you have the ability to step back and look at it more from the big picture because you can watch coaches in other positions. You can see things from different angles that you haven’t seen before because I’m busy directing the offensive line. So, it’s fun, just working with other positions, sitting in other coaches’ position meetings and listening to them go. So from an overall offensive point of view, it’s been really beneficial for me.

On what crime he hopes to be known for:

Speed ​​and fitness. I think that’s the biggest thing. You want to see the physicality in the frontcourt, you want to see the players go through the ball, you want to see us attacking the defense all over the court, the best offense in the league in my opinion, they play fast, they open the field , they run the ball. These are the big things I hope we can stick with.

Wide receiver/passing coordinator Jason Vrable

On the Packers’ receivers behind Randall Cobb and Allen Lazard:

From a competitive standpoint, I felt really good about the direction of the room and just bought what we were looking for. Now, I’ve seen Malik (Taylor), Juwann (Winfree) and Amari (Rodgers) and they look day and night compared to last year. I think it’s the way they work in the offseason, the way they understand the script and the way they fly out there. This is a completely different speed. So I feel good about them now.

On the Packers signing Sammy Watkins, who coached Vrable for two seasons in Buffalo:

Just look at where he’s been, his maturity is outstanding. He used to be just a young rookie and now he’s a grown man with a family and living the right life and doing everything he can to come back and get another Lombardi and he’s one of the few people who has a Lombardi I Always nearby. That was his goal. Sammy just smiled, happy to be in the building he felt right now. I don’t know, but I’m so excited he’s here.

On what Watkins can add to his offense:

I talked to Sammy about this the other day. The way he ran some of the lines and caught the ball reminded me of the first time he walked the court. If you look closely, the biggest thing is getting hurt. But he knew he would work as hard as he could. He does all his training here now. He feels good where his body is. One of the things you’ll see in him is that he dribbles the ball differently. His hands allow you to hear the sound of plucking and passing the ball, as well as the power of his playing. We picked him so high for a reason, and he has had many successful years in his career. … He said to me, ‘Man, this is different. Over the past four years, I’ve gone into four systems and just went back to what you’ve instructed. You know, Vrabs, it’s interesting to hear you coach the same things then and now. He knows the details. He’s in great shape now and I’m really excited for him.

Quarterbacks coach Tom Clements

What Aaron Rodgers’ reps will look like when he returns to Green Bay:

This is up for debate. We’ll have to see what the program looks like during the OTA. I know it’s a little different than when I was here before, but Aaron doesn’t need a rep at this time of year. Obviously, it would be nice to have him here, but he’s seen this stuff 1,000 times, and he’ll be ready to go when training camp starts.

On Danny Etling’s extra work during rookie minicamp:

It’s always helpful. Until then, we’re just having a meeting. We do individual work on the pitch and you can’t do any teamwork until next week, so he loves it, he loves it. When you do that, you get a different feeling, I don’t want to say live, but doing it on a real defense instead of just walking by things or talking about things or watching a movie, so he It’s good to get any rep you can get.

Offensive Line Coach Luke Butkus

On instantly determining where the rookies line up:

As a young man, you come in and you don’t know their mental state. You’ve talked to them, you’ve got a little idea of ​​what they’ve learned on offense, but getting to that level is usually a big leap. You want to see how flexible they are by playing different positions. But, like you said, they have a lot to do. We like to cross-train and play different positions, so you try to be consistent and know that, but at the same time, they have to be able to do a lot of things in their position and the time of their career.

On whether fourth-round pick Sean Rhyan can tackle:

We’re going to find out if he’s a tackle or a defender. We don’t know yet. It’s still May. How do you solve any problems? Your will, your competitiveness. They probably said the same thing to a lot of people. David Bakhtiari, right? what is he? 6-3 1/2, maybe 6-4. There are many ways to get around it – again, just play hard, be determined and have a competitive drive. Tough, smart and competitive. We’ve been talking about it. This is how you get out of not having the so-called traits required for the position.

running backs coach ben silmans

In the 3rd running back game:

Starting with PT (Patrick Taylor), he seems to be doing a lot better so far in OTAs and Phase 2. I think for him, he just came back from his first year injury last year, so I think he has a better sense of what’s going on. I think it will help him. Kirin’s (Hill) injury is terrible, but he’s been working hard. His body looks good and from what I understand he’s heading in the right direction. I guess that’s one of those deals, you’re really not going to learn anything until we get to training camp, just fight for it and see what everyone has.

On Hill’s development through the rehab process:

He’s done a really good job of trying to learn the offense. Sometimes if you think too much about what happens, you can’t really reach your full potential because you think outside, so one of the things he’s been doing this offseason since he came back is make sure he’s good on offense. The feeling that when he gets back he doesn’t overthink this game or that game, he’s ready. This is the most important thing he does now. Physically, he’s doing everything that’s asked of him. I think he’s a little hungry. He understands what is expected of him as a professional player. Sometimes, as a rookie, you try to feel your environment and what’s going on around you. I expect him to be more accurate this year.

tight end coach john dunn

Meet Robert Tonian:

He has done a lot of good things here. For me it always starts with the person, so get to know him as a person. He was an amazing person, always with a smile on his face, very happy, very smart, he was attacking mentally and physically every day. So, I’m very excited about him and who he is and his character. I think this always makes the player bleed. Obviously, I’m excited to be back on the pitch and to be able to work with him.

On Tyler Davis’ second season in Green Bay:

Clearly, being eliminated last season did nothing for him. What’s unique about Taylor is that he’s here in the middle of the season, his first real offseason. Being able to basically start from scratch, learn the system from scratch and do everything is very valuable to him. Obviously, you have to blame every year for everything you do. To him, it’s like Bobby again, he’s really smart and aggressive. He’s very humble, very hard working and obviously has some talent in his body. Whenever you mix them up, you always have a chance of success.

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