Sean Marks on Ben Simmons: We saw what he wanted to get out of

“It’s frustrating from an organizational standpoint. But even more so from Ben’s,” said Max. “I talked to Ben. We all did it. We saw how he wanted to get out. Honestly, I have to admire this. He tries to do 3-on-3, 5-on-5 and you turn around for an MRI and you see the herniated disc getting worse. You’d think, this guy is pushing something that he shouldn’t be pushing. No one wants to undergo surgery. It was a last resort, but now it’s over, we have to move on, we have to support him and so on. “
source: Net Income @NetsDaily

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Austin Krell @NBA Krell

Every once in a while, I’ll remember Joel Embiid tweeting a Fendi meme right after the Ben Simmons trade, with no other comments and starting to laugh. – 11:39 am

Quinton Mayo @The real Quinton Mayo

Patrick Beverly is now on CP3’s “Get Up”.
“He can’t stop.”
“He’s a cone.”
“Nobody loses sleep over CP3 and the Phoenix Suns.”
“Give him Ben Simmons defamation. PG-13 defamation.” am

Peter Vixie @peter vixie 1

Ben Simmons just closed his South Jersey house. One week after back surgery. Who said he wasn’t cruel? ! – 4:20pm

Mark Stein @Stan Line

Philly Postscript: After all the talk that the Sixers could waste their peak Joel Embiid if they don’t find a Ben Simmons deal, their season unraveled anyway after a James Harden deal that could do long-term damage .
Sunday column:…1:08pm

Kurt Herring @basketball talk

Nets’ Ben Simmons reportedly to make summer plans together…9:16 am

Brian Lewis @New York Post_Lewis
#The internetBen Simmons promises to work together in offseason: ‘Everyone has confidence’… pass @nypostsports10:33pm

Aaron J. Fentress @Aaron Fentress

Hypothesis: The Nets are reluctant to bring back Kyrie. KD wanted to leave, but Portland couldn’t let him get it. However, Ben Simmons became available.
Would you trade a good player not named Lillard or Simmons and the No. 6 pick (assuming it’s still there) for Ben Simmons?
Me: heartbeat. – 12:53 pm

Dwight Jaynes @Dwight Jaynes

Just wondering…where are the armchair general managers who want the Blazers to give up multi-year draft picks and players to get Ben Simmons or James Harden? – 9:48 am

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Asked to learn from Simmons’ saga time and time again. Max used the opportunity to criticize his critics. “It kind of proves that 1) he’s trying to get back out there and trying to help his teammates, and secondly, we have to be careful not to judge others. If you’re not in that medical world, when you chime in from a distance.You just have to be careful what you say because you really don’t know,” Max said. -via net newspaper / On May 16, 2022, Ben Simmons and his camp will sit down with the Nets to develop a plan for the next few months that is designed to put him on the best path to physical and mental health and a successful return to the game. “We’re going to have a summer plan with the Nets,” a source close to Simmons told The Washington Post. “Everyone has confidence.” -pass New York Post / May 15, 2022

The Nets want the recovering Simmons to stay in Brooklyn as much as possible and put Philadelphia in the retrospective as much as possible. That the 25-year-old is finally offloading his South Jersey mansion can only help him take one small step. Simmons — who was forced to trade to the Nets from the Sixers on Feb. 10 but didn’t play at all last season — sold his Moorestown, N.J. suburb for $4.55 million mansion, and owns his condo at the Ritz-Carlton Residences in the downtown Philadelphia market as well. Both lists are covered by The Dirt. -pass New York Post / May 15, 2022

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