Seth MacFarlane The Orville Season 3 Interview

Seth MacFarlane and Adrianne Palicki on the set of The Orville.

Capt Ed Mercer (Seth MacFarlane) and Cmdr.Kelly Grayson (Adrianne Palicki) on the bridge orville.
photo: Ali Goldstein/Hulu

Orvillemuch-anticipated third episode Premiering this week, io9 had a chance to watch a few episodes early.No spoilers here, but when you don’t need seen Season one Second, the new season, dubbing new horizons, does contain some callbacks to what happened before. io9 asks creators and stars Seth MacFarlane How he made the show accessible to newcomers, especially after the show was made its Hulu debut Season three, while also building on its existing mythology.

“It’s a really good question that has been occupying a lot of my mind,” McFarland told io9 in a recent video chat Orville Press Day. “It’s always a balance. You want to reward fans who stay and watch the show. From a writing standpoint, it’s fun. You’ve laid the groundwork, and the third season of the show is something you can start to get you on the air early on. Where the seeds really start to bloom, you can start digging and start building the real world. At the same time, our goal of course is to reach as many new audiences as possible. That’s a tough thing to answer.”

He continued. “When I think back on how we’ve done this upcoming season, I wonder a lot, ‘Have we been too direct, too linear in relating ourselves to what we did in seasons one and two? ?’ Of course, there are a lot of developments throughout the season that are direct descendants of the stories we did in the first two seasons, and if you know those stories, it’s a much richer viewing experience. I hope for those who come in For — I mean, I don’t know, does anyone watch the show that starts season three? I Do not.I mean, at some point, you have to start from scratch; you didn’t start from season three game of Thrones. You watch the first season! I feel like that’s how viewing habits work these days, people do take the time to start from scratch. But hopefully what will happen is — maybe someone watched the first or second episode of the season, found something they liked, went back and watched the first two seasons, and then finished the third season. Hope there are some like this. “

no news yet Orville Will continue beyond season three, but McFarlane is ready to move on, um, the stars are pulling together. “It’s really like family man in many aspects. This is a universe with infinite boundaries, so as long as there is demand, it can really go. It’s a real ensemble performance – I think, there, what, nine, ten characters are all equally dynamic. So there are many, many stories. It really depends on the audience response, if interested, and the studio’s commitment to resources for us — Disney and Hulu have been great this year. [With] The palettes they gave us and the resources they gave us, I’ve never really had this level of experience in my career. I mean, if the show gets really big — that’s why I hope we don’t screw it up. “

While you shouldn’t hold your breath for a musical episode (“This is not Buffy, it’s not really a show that fits that particular kind of weirdness,” McFarland said. “I think there are other kinds of weirdness in this show. “But when it comes to family man, the animated elements are not completely off the desktop. “I think at some point during the pandemic, out of desperation, we said, ‘Look, what if we did a few episodes of animation to stop people during this period?’ There was just no appetite. But again, it all depends It depends on how the show is received. If it pops up and people are attracted to it, anything is possible.”

The Orville: New Horizons arrives June 2 on Hulu.

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