Staff furious over ‘humiliating’ Rebel Wilson issue

People magazine staff are ‘appalled’ by the magazine’s new Rebel Wilson issue, the Post has learned ‘s concerns.

In an issue that hit newsstands on Friday, a slender Wilson was quoted as saying she had an appointment with a fertility doctor in 2019 at age 39 who told her that freezing her eggs would be more successful if she lost weight.

“He looked me up and down and said, ‘If you’re fitter, you’ll do better,'” the actress told PEOPLE, noting that she was already feeling fit and, after the initial shock, “Rude “The rhetoric eventually disappeared.

“He’s right. I carry a lot of excess weight with me. It’s almost like I’m not thinking about my own needs. I think about the needs of my future kids and it really motivates me to be healthier,” “How to be single,” the actress said.

Rebel Wilson on the cover of People.
Actress Rebel Wilson said she decided to lose weight after an IVF doctor told her that egg freezing would be more successful.

employee charged New Editor Liz Vaccariello Take a fluffy approach to weight loss and fertility without providing medical expert insights or any scientific information from interviews. They warned that being overweight was conflated with infertility, and said the journal glossed over an explanation for Wilson’s diagnosis of polycystic ovary syndrome, a hormonal disorder commonly seen in women of reproductive age.

“Several people have expressed dissatisfaction with different angles of the Rebel story in multiple meetings,” a source close to the situation told The Washington Post. “It’s like Leeds just doesn’t want to hear it or doesn’t care. That’s not to say the idea that weight affects fertility doesn’t make sense. But the way we’re presenting it isn’t right.”

A representative for People said: “These claims are completely fabricated. It didn’t happen.”

Liz Vaccarillo
Staff complained that People editor Liz Vaccariello ignored their concerns and instead published “shameful misinformation”.
Getty Images for Gryph and IvyRose

This story is related to video Set to sad music, featuring “before and after” photos of Wilson, now 80 pounds lighter, and a glossy cover shoot. Sources say former entertainment editors such as Dan Wakeford and his predecessor Jess Cagle “never” took this light-hearted approach.

“Basically, we just posted a man claiming that Rebel was too fat to have a baby, and she thought he was right. Full stop,” the source said. “Then we showed a bunch of fat photos of her in the cover story, like some kind of tragic ‘before’ scene. It was shaming and misinformation, totally out of balance with any kind of expert medical discussion.”

Vaccariello has been in the spotlight since taking over as editor-in-chief in February. Barry Diller’s IAC acquires People’s parent company Meredith. Employee recently told the Post Despite her senior roles at Real Simple, Parents, Reader’s Digest, and Every Day with Rachael Ray, the editor lacks entertainment connections.

People video, including ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of Rebel Wilson.

As previously reported by The Post, executives at IAC’s digital media unit DotDash Meredith, which owns People, InStyle, Entertainment Weekly and other brands, are scalping the business.

back Close bulk print publicationsThe Washington Post reports that executives are looking for ways to lose fat, which could include Reduce the frequency of weekly celebrity magazines at 48.

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