‘The Andy Griffith Show’ actress turns 81 – Deadline

Maggie PetersonCharlene Darling, an impressive actress with a sweet and sometimes flirtatious character The Andy Griffith Show Her family announced that she died in Colorado on May 15, 1960.

“It is with great sadness that we report that our dear Aunt Maggie passed away yesterday afternoon,” the family posted. Facebook today. “She fell asleep peacefully in the presence of her family.”

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While she’s only played the role of Charlene in five episodes of the classic country sitcom, Peterson is one of the show’s most familiar and memorable actors, often joining her on-screen family The Darlings (played by the real-life Bluegrass band The Dillards played, and actor Denver Pyle as Patriarch Briscoe Darling) on ​​the single.

Peterson developed a catchphrase as she repeatedly pleaded about the emotional impact of outrageous song suggestions, such as the following exchange with Pyle’s character:

Briscoe: “How about ‘Don’t hit your grandma with a big stick’?”

Charlene: “No, Paws! That made me cry!”

Other songs that made Charlene cry: “Slimy River Bottom,” “Boil that Cabbage Down,” and “Keep Your Money in Your Shoes and It Won’t get Wet.”

In one episode, Peterson’s Charlene is engaged to the unknowing Sheriff Andy Taylor (Griffith) in accordance with mountain custom, and in a later episode Charlene’s youngest daughter is married to Andy’s youngest son, Opie. (Ron Howard) is engaged.

With her appearances as Charlene from 1963-66, Peterson became a de facto member of Griffith’s unofficial cast, returning to the sitcom and its spinoffs Gomer Pyle: U.S. Marine Corps and Maybury RFD. Same as any other character.She also appeared in the 1969 feature film angel in my pocket (starring Griffith) and Eros? (starring Griffith Regular Donknotts).She returned to the Maybury universe in 1986, reprising her role as Charlene in the TV reunion movie back to maybury.

Peterson, who occasionally uses her married name Maggie Mancuso, also appears in The Bill Dana Show – picture GriffithDerivatives of The Danny Thomas Show — love, american, green acres and strange coupleand the 1969 feature Mountain gang. she starred in 1987 Disney’s Wizarding World Then worked for the Nevada Film Commission

Peterson, who lives in Las Vegas, recently lost her husband of more than 40 years, the jazz musician Gus Mancuso, who died in December. “Maggie’s health deteriorated following the death of her husband Gus,” the family wrote. “We are relieved that we were able to move her home to be closer to her family in the final days of her life.”

A Colorado native, Peterson began her acting career as a singer in the 1950s, performing with a family vocal group called Ja-Da Quartet. Griffith’s manager, Dick Link, noticed the group at the record convention.Peterson’s vocal skills were later used in Griffith The show, when Darlene joined the family chorus, was most notable for her rendition of the bluegrass standard “Salty Dog.”

Peterson is a frequent participant in the Mayberry fan club and her family wrote to fans today: “Despite being in Las Vegas and far from family, your love and dedication helped her not to feel alone. She told us many times Mention how she can’t believe how generous you all are. You really made a positive difference in her life and helped her during some very difficult times… We hope you find comfort during this difficult time because of you Know how important you are to making Maggie’s life better.”

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