They are good at thinking outside the box

Wes, now I know why I didn’t answer a lot of questions. How can I get a copy of the Insider Inbox manual? I can’t find a listing for it anywhere. What am I looking at? Could you please help? I have tons of questions to answer. Did you or Spoff write it? Is it cooperation? Can it be posted online?

You should receive a copy at the door during Insider Inbox Day. Unfortunately, no other physical copies remain. Maybe try a garage sale or Reddit?

Brandon from Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Which is better in your opinion? A clear No. 1 and catcher who can do it all, or some other catcher whose defense is uncertain but is less talented but still very good?

It would be foolish for me to sit here with a No. 1 receiver like Davante Adams and make the Packers perform better. In 2022, the answer is obvious. But there’s more than one way to build an offense, especially now that All-Pro receivers are at record prices. As I’ve been saying, the Packers will rise to that challenge. They are good at thinking outside the box. Going forward, hopefully the Packers can develop the next legitimate No. 1 (or No. 1) threat from this draft class and those returning.

Derek from Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Thanks to Sammy Watkins for the article. O/U 35 catches for Sammy this year?

If Watkins stays healthy, I can easily take over. He still has his legs, receives the ball naturally, and looks comfortable in the formation Green Bay likes to use.

Craig from London, UK

With the signing of Jarran Reed and the draft of Devonte Wyatt, do you think we’ll see more of two defensive tackles this year? Or more rotations with Kenny Clark and Dean Lowry, with Reed and Wyatt in and out?

I actually think we’re going to see more three defensive tackle fronts this year. Joe Barry brought in the 3-3-5 ‘Penny’ formation used by Brandon Staley and played quite a bit of it in the starting lineup. I would love to see more of this and a more traditional nickel in passing.

Based on the column I read today, I realize I’m a little late to this, but oh well. Ja is really special and I’m glad we expanded him. Someone commented: “Pay him that much when he’s out for a whole season with an injury?” My answer was: “Ugh! He’s the best corner in the game. Listening to him, I also believe in him as a player. The training process. I know that will carry over into his recovery.”

Not that any injury is a good one, but this shoulder trade is a little weird. It’s not like a ruptured Achilles tendon, or a torn hamstring or ACL — all of which could take away his natural speed or explosiveness. So yeah, once training camp starts, I’m looking forward to the same old Jia.

Hi, do you expect Rasul Douglas to make another run?

I would. I believe Jerry Gray and Douglas cracked the code together. While it’s hard to replicate what Douglas did last season, his 2021 campaign is far from a fluke. He is the real deal. With Douglas’ work ethic and aggressiveness, I expect him to be a major factor in defense for years to come.

Gary from Cross Plains, Wisconsin

How many caps can be rolled over to next year? I like that you can save some and move on, but I don’t think the league wants a team to have a ton of salary to sign a bunch of top free agents and “load up” over the next year.

The floor does exist. Teams must spend a certain amount within three years or they could be penalized by the CBA. As exciting as having a lot of cap space sounds, it’s usually a sign that you don’t have any decent players worth re-signing (see: Jaguars, Jacksonville).

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