This is our original pilot script changed to broadcast TV

When Sterling K. Brown played Randall Pearson in the first season of the TV series, he won the leading actor in the TV series. NBCof”this is usAt the 2017 Emmys, it marked his second win and the show’s first. Brown is now infamously trying to move forward with the award, although his glowing acceptance speech was interrupted by Fox. Ceremony, but Brown’s spirits were still high, and “This Is Us” remained a contender for best drama for the next few minutes.

“Oprah announced the award. Someone said we had a chance to try it,” the creator Dan Fogelman Tell the variety show. “She opened the envelope and kind of screamed — we know she liked our show — and she said, ‘The Emmys are going…’ She said ‘Th’, which was ‘The Handmaid’s Tale.'” I Always joked that during the time Oprah was spitting ‘Th’ in her mouth, I felt like my heart really stopped beating and I felt like I was going to throw up. “

Fogelman hadn’t been to the Emmys before that night, but the unexpected acclaim for “This Is Us” brought him and his team back multiple times, earning the show’s 38 nominations and four wins to date. “In the beginning Sterling won, and that period was so overwhelming and made everyone proud — the whole cast, the whole crew,” Fogelman said. “But anyone who says they see this happening is completely lying.”

Now, this is all coming to an end. “This Is Us” aired its series finale on May 24, making this fall’s Emmys the last year the show was eligible for a radio show. But whether it garners more nominations, or possibly its first and only Best Drama Award, will largely depend on how the Television Academy reacts to how the show ends its Pearson family saga.

“He wasn’t playing safe,” said Karey Burke, the president of 20, who was “crying” in her office when she first saw the trailer for “This Is Us” when she Is the head of Freeform. “I think it’s going to be one of the greatest final seasons in history and one of the greatest final episodes in radio history, and I really do.

“Having seen many of them and being involved, I can say it’s going to stand with those people,” she added. “I think he really delivered and respected the family. It feels very consistent with everything he’s built from the start.”

Six seasons of tear-jerking “This Is Us” has a bad reputation in circles, who see it as an overly dramatic series just to make you cry. But it’s a key chord that doesn’t suit Brown.

“Sometimes there’s this thought, ‘Is it too sentimental? It’s manipulation, or what have you?'” Brown said. “To that, I say, our show is an opportunity to lighten your load. It invites people who may be going through something very real, whether it’s personal illness, family, divorce. Whatever the situation, you’re going to see, ‘Oh , these people are going through too. I’m not weird or strange or bad or flawed, just human. I have a chance to feel this, release it, and hopefully, make life a little easier. So, I hope those who are too critical People recognize that it actually makes sense, that it resonates with people for a reason, not manipulated for manipulation’s sake.”

Pearsons Brown, Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia and Chrissy Metz have all been nominated for Emmys in the show’s first five seasons, along with several supporting and guest stars , but Justin Hartley has been repeatedly snubbed — and so was the “This Is Us” writer.

“It strikes me that the production hasn’t been acknowledged,” said Lisa Katz, NBCUniversal’s head of scripted content. “Part of that is they make it seem easy. When you think about them Having told this very complex story on multiple timelines and 18 episodes a year for six seasons, it’s shocking to me because it’s not acknowledged. The only thing I can think of is that people take it for granted how difficult it is to perform [whose] The stories are so poignant, the way they tie the themes together, how the past affects the present, and how every decision is so thoughtful and thoughtful. I just thought it was storytelling at the highest level, and honestly it baffled me. “
But the ebb and flow of honors didn’t stop the “This Is Us” team from making this for them — the fans.

“We’re like a little network show that can and does and continues to really, really, deeply impact people,” Metz said. “It’s really a gift, a reward and an honor. We’re making a piece of art that will change the trajectory of someone’s life.”

As a star who has played a 16-year-old girl, an 80-something woman on her deathbed, and everything in between, Moore is perhaps the most unique example of the cast of This Is Us. Their lives.

“I remember reading the script thinking, ‘No, there’s no way I can put my heart on a show anymore, and it’s not going forward,'” Moore said. “But once I understood the breadth of what the show could be, I thought, ‘Okay, I’m going to throw my name in the ring, and whatever I need to do to be a part of this project, I’ll do it’ — Obviously don’t understand what the story is really about. In the pilot, my character was just a cog in the wheel, and this very pivotal, monumental, life-changing event happened in the lives of this family, It obviously happened in the life of this couple and this woman as well. But I obviously didn’t know we would be here today.”

“The show goes beyond the whole idea that there’s an anchor and then there’s a broadcast,” Hartley said. “It’s like, no, no, there are good TVs, and there are really great TVs. And we’re really good.”

The use of the F-bomb was one of the few things Fogelman had to give up in order to make the “This Is Us” broadcast friendly, along with nudity and violence — a sacrifice he was more than willing to make.

“I think in the pilot of ‘This Is Us,’ there were seven fucks, and it didn’t really matter to that pilot,” he said. “So, I cut them out because I felt like it could be successfully broadcast on network TV and broadcast to a wide audience, and, hopefully, it’s high quality. There’s no reason it can’t be so good on network TV.

“I believe in the media and the sheer number of people it can reach. And this show tells me that if you do something smartly, network TV viewers will go with you. I think they can be underestimated, ‘this is us’ The storytelling and structure of the story requires people to watch consciously. I think audiences are ready for something like this. The media needs to continue to evolve. But I’m a firm believer that, in a few years, you’re going to be asking the next guy or girl question, ‘Become Since ‘This Is Us’? Because I think there’s more out there.”

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