‘This Is Us’ Ending Spoiler: Season 6, Episode 18 — Sterling K Brown

Sometimes highly emotional TV shows require actors to dig deep, recall past hurts, and creatively apply those difficult feelings to the scene at hand.

Sometimes, it’s the last episode your very popular family drama, Beloved matriarch dies in gorgeous and touching last movieeverything is just right There – No need for emotional mining.

“Most importantly, I think because we know we’re saying goodbye to Rebecca, because we’re saying goodbye to the show, it’s already on us,” Sterling K. Brown We told TVLine when we chatted with him on Sunday, T minus 48 hours ago this is us Bow at the end. He’s in Nova Scotia, where he’s currently starring and executive producing his next project: Hulu historical drama washington black.

“You don’t have to force it. On the surface, it’s easy to get,” he added. “It was a beautiful experience like this one, because her characters all came to an end at the same time, and everyone had strong feelings about it. So I’m glad we had the opportunity to shoot it instead of, you know, three or four years ago, still Three or four years.”

In the run-up to Tuesday’s (NBC, 9/8c) series finale, we asked Brown the scoop on Pearson’s last cheer, starting with how he Finished the last two episodes (incredibly tearjerker).

TV cable | How did you recover when you were forced to cry, almost in the ensuing two TV episodes?
J. You have to hydrate. This is probably the biggest thing. Funny we are a very hydrated cast, but for the past few weeks everyone has been carrying their water bottles to work. I don’t even know if people realize they’re doing it. You need your water. To have water out, you must have water in. Recovery is quick because we have a surplus. I want to lose a gallon a day.Mandy [Moore] Do something close.then Su [Kelechi Watson] Catch the trend, then Justin [Hartley] Like, “I gotta get a water bottle.” Everyone drank a ton of water before it was over. [Laughs]

Here's our ending spoiler - season 6 episode 18 - pound-k-brownTV cable | Going into this episode gave me a sense of where Randall is, considering how the last episode ended.
you hear him at the end [Episode] 17 said, “I don’t know what I want to say to her. I just want to do it well.” That’s most of what he’s about as a character: he wants to fix it. so in the beginning [Episode] At 18, his wife was a little worried about “how is this going to affect him?” She’d been through a few panic attacks, anxiety attacks, it was hard for him to get his life back on track, she knew this woman as much as anyone else, If she wasn’t his favorite, she was definitely one of his favorites. So will he be able to bounce back from this loss in a way that doesn’t stop him moving forward or staying motivated in life? It’s also what his mom said to all her kids: “Don’t let my sickness, don’t let my transformation stop you from doing all the great and wonderful things you have to offer the world.” So I thought maybe the audience, but It must have been his wife, who had similar concerns, which is why, early on, she felt compelled to play worst-case scenarios with her husband one last time. [Laughs]

Here's our ending spoiler - season 6 episode 18 - pound-k-brownTV cable | Given that Rebecca has been ill for a long time, do you think Randall will feel any relief after her death?
This is a good question. I do think it’s comforting to know that she’s not suffering. She doesn’t hurt. I also think that while we as Pearsons don’t go to church all the time, we don’t always say grace; once we said grace was when Malik’s parents came over and then we went to church when I was running for office, [Laughs] But they are definitely not without morals, they are definitely not without spirituality.As Dan proved, part of me likes to think [Fogelman, series creator]She also wrote that she now has the opportunity to be reunited and whole, not a part of herself, not a part of herself, but herself fully realized on the other side of the veil.

I do think that’s selfish…you mourn the actual presence of that person in your life, but not in that diminished capacity. Thinking about your conversations and shared experiences before that, knowing that they were absolutely whole, can’t help but leave a little sadness behind. But hopefully overall, if that person has been away for a while, they may find some semblance of that integrity once the transition is complete.

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